Apple Classical Music Collection: Timeless Melodies


Okay, so it is now official, Apple has just announced Apple Classical Music App coming to your iPhone soon, and I wanted to share some of the latest details in regards to Apple’s brand new standalone Apple Music Classic application, which will be available soon. I want to talk about device compatibility, platform compatibility, I also want to talk about iOS 16.4. Expect a release date.

Apple Classical Music AppSo, let’s just dive right into this video. Now as always, if you would like to stay up to date with the latest iOS news, and the Apple software updates, of course, don’t forget to subscribe and make sure you turn on those notifications so that you don’t miss another episode. And now, of course, this was rumored for quite some time, Apple Classical Music App has now been officially announced by Apple, and the application will be available on Tuesday, March 28th. So, in about two and a half weeks, Apple will be releasing this application in the App store. And you can download it for your device as you can see right here.

Now if you go into your music application on your iPhone right now, you have an option for Apple Music Classic, right there it is, you can click on it right here. It’ll give you a brief description of everything, when it will be available, and also spatial audio information. And you can see right here, we have a little trailer, which you can go ahead and play and watch if you want. And then you have the link for the pre-order. The application will be free.

The subscription for Apple Music Classic will be integrated within your Apple music subscription. So, it’s not any additional cost for you, if you’re subscribed to Apple Music, which I’m happy to learn about. As I mentioned, it is coming soon on March 28th, as you can see right there. So, Apple plans to launch this on Tuesday. Now, I want to shift my attention over to the UI and also platform, and device compatibility.

The first thing is it is only going to be available for the iPhone. Initially, no iPad variant of this application will be available at launch. I’m sure an iPad-compatible version will be available at a later time, and it won’t be available for Android either. So, only iPhone for launch, and Apple will be launching this on March 28th. Now the UI of the application is very similar to your Apple Music app, minus the radio option. As you can see right here, here is the Apple Music Classic with all your buttons at the bottom search library, browse, and listening now. And if we go into Apple Music now, everything is just the same, except the radio option, which is not available in the Apple Music Classic application.

Now as I mentioned, this application will be available in about two and a half weeks, which will be on Tuesday, March 28th. Now although this application does not require iOS 16.4, I still believe a release date on March the 27th. Monday, March 27th for iOS 16.4 is very very likely. Now, Mark Gurman has mentioned that iOS 16.4 could be available early April, but March 27th could also mark the RC, or release candidate before the official release of the software.

So, with Apple Music classic being announced and launching on the 28th, I think iOS 16.4, although it isn’t require, we’ll be launching a day prior with all these new services and announcement that Apple has made throughout the entire week. Let me know what you think about Apple Music classic. Will you be downloading this? Again, links will be in the description. Thank you for watching, guys, and I’ll see you guys on the next one. Peace.

Apple Classical Music offers a diverse selection of timeless compositions, catering to enthusiasts of orchestral masterpieces and iconic melodies. With an array of renowned composers and performances, the collection invites listeners to immerse themselves in the richness of classical music. Whether rediscovering favorites or exploring new horizons, Apple Classical Music provides a gateway to the world of symphonies, concertos, and timeless harmonies.

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