Rep. Lauren Boebert Asked to Leave Theater


Man: We want to now get to that new video from Denver, making headlines all over the country tonight. Rep. Lauren Boebert in Denver Sunday night being escorted out of a performance at the Buell Theater. You can see it right here. Tonight we’re seeing her reaction with security officers, and an officer asked her to leave in the middle of the show. Boebert and her companion then seen laughing outside as they walked off. Fox31’s Ashley Michaels here breaking down the video now and what Boebert herself has to say about all this. Ashley.

Ashley: Yeah, so here’s a closer look at all of that video we’re talking about. Pay attention right down in here. Now theater management tells us audience members reported somebody was vaping, recording the show and generally being a disturbance during that Sunday night performance of the musical “Beetlejuice.” Now the theater did not name specifically who it was that is accused of making the disturbance, but when you see the video, it’s pretty clear this is Congresswoman Lauren Boebert and the person she was there with who were asked to leave.


Now the video starts with an applause break during the show. You can see the two ushers approaching Boebert and the person she was with. Now the video does not show any of that disruptive behavior which had been reported to theater management. After arguing for a minute or two, the pair they get up, leave the auditorium.

Okay, let’s go to the next part. Now this is in the stairwell. You can see Boebert, she appears to take a selfie before making her way up the stairs Then into the lobby, she turns to say something to an employee escorting her out while even pointing a finger in the air while making her point. Unclear what she said or what that point was, we know that a police officer was on scene but did not make a report.

Okay, let’s get to the video that takes us outside. This is Boebert and her companion leaving, heading out of the theater walking. And at this point, they’re both seen smiling, laughing, even taking a twirl and a spin as they head on for the rest of their evening. Now as for her reaction, Boebert says online, “It’s true. I did thoroughly enjoy the amazing ‘Beetlejuice’ at the Beull Theater, and I plead guilty to laughing and singing too loud. Everyone should go and see it if you get the chance this week. Please let me know how it ends,” because she didn’t see the end. Ashley Michaels Fox31.

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