Holi Festival of Colors


Holi Festival of Colors

Amullya: Hello, BTN. My name is Amullya and me and my friends are going to teach you about Holi Festival of Colors.

Anushaa: In Holi we throw around colors in a symbol of happiness and love. It’s a celebration of colors.

Arinjay: What I do is like wake up and then worship my God. And then we go out and then we buy the colors and we start playing.

Amullya: It’s the festival celebrated by Hindus like me. Hinduism is the third most practiced religion in the world. And while it comes from India, there are Hindus all around the world.

Anushaa: Hindu is a religion with many gods. Here are the three main ones. Brahma is the god who created the world and everything in it. Vishnu is the god who keeps the order of the universe, and Shiva is the god who destroys the universe so it can be renewed, but there are many other gods.

Arinjay: Ganesha.

Amullya: Parvati.

Preeti: God Lakshmi.

Lakshiea: Krishna.

Anushaa: There’s Hanuman. He has the face of a monkey, but the body of a human. It’s kind of strange.

Preeti: There are lots of different stories about those gods and their relationships to humans. Holi is based on a story about the god Vishnu and how he saved a boy from being killed in a fire, started by his evil aunt. It’s a festival that celebrates the arrival of spring, which is why it’s held at the end of March. I know what you’re thinking. It’s not spring in Australia, but it is in India.

Arinjay: We celebrate the Holi festival for two days. And there’s special food and special ceremonies. And my favorite part is to play with the color, although it gets a little bit messy, Holi festival is really cool, fun, and it’s a great experience to be in.

Lakshiea: This is the powder here. It washes out of your clothes, but just in case we wear old clothes.

Anushaa: My favorite part about Holi is where you throw around colors and have water fights and get together.

Amullya: My favorite part about the festival is that we eat sweets.

Arinjay: My favorite part of the festival is you get to be with the family and you get to play around with them.

Amullya: Another really great thing about Holi Festival of Colors is that you don’t have to be Hindu. There are Holi festivals right around Australia and right around the world, and lots of people get involved.

Together: Happy Holi!

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Holi Festival of Colors