Lamar Jackson Baltimore Ravens contract


The market now is the mediator here to determine exactly what Lamar Jackson is worth. He believes he’s worth a fully guaranteed deal. He now has the ability to step into the market to see what the market will dictate. If there’s a team out there that’s gonna give him a four or five-year deal, fully guaranteed north of $50 million a year, and he wins big time, and if not, then Baltimore’s point will be proven, but the market will determine that right now.

Lamar Jackson

Ryan: Well, let’s be clear. The NFLPA I was part of the executive committee, they’ve sued the NFL for collusion before, and that was in the uncapped year. And if you believe that all these teams and executives and owners aren’t upset with the deal that Deshaun Watson got in Cleveland, then you’ve absolutely lost your mind.

And when Adam says that the team or that Baltimore has an idea of what the market could be, we know the combine is less about those dudes on the field and more about the conversations going on between traders and between free agents and having those conversations. And if you don’t think that collusion is a part of this league, and the league understands that we don’t want to continue giving these guaranteed deals out, then you’re absolutely out of your mind.

And so for Lamar Jackson to hit the open market like this, I believe the Baltimore Ravens think that there is a strong possibility he will not get that fully-guaranteed contract. It almost feels like a, yeah, go ahead. Go out on them streets and see how hot those streets aren’t for you, Lamar Jackson, and then come running back to us.

Male Speaker 3: Well, RC makes a great point. And I was in the league before RC, I’m gonna date myself, but this has always been the posture of owners in the National Football League. We do not do like these other leagues, baseball, basketball, whatever it may be, we don’t give guaranteed contracts, fully guaranteed contracts. And when you think about the situation, the Cleveland Browns decided to do that. And now any player in the National Football League is hoping another guy will get a contract like this, right? And the owners don’t want this to happen. This is the last thing they want to happen, guaranteed players full salary.

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