Mike Johnson Pushes Plan to Avert Government Shutdown


Female Reporter: Tonight there are just five days left until the government shuts down. Some of what’s at stake, pay for military and federal workers while Social Security and Medicare checks will still go out. New House Speaker Mike Johnson now pushing an untested plan to keep the government open with a two-step approach. The first would fund some parts of the government until January. The second funding the rest until February. But notably absent from the plan, military aid to Israel and spending cuts. Johnson can only afford to lose four votes. And right now at least three House Republicans publicly oppose his plan. The new speaker trying to convince hardline holdouts of the urgency felt by some members of his caucus.

Rep. Michael McCaul: It is too urgent. We can’t sit back and do nothing.

Female Reporter: But Johnson’s plan may hinge on Democrat support.

Sen. Chris Murphy: It looks gimmicky to me, but I’m open to what the House is talking about.

Mike Johnson

Female Reporter: Relying on Democrats could prove risky. It was former speaker Kevin McCarthy’s decision to work with Democrats on the last continuing resolution that ultimately cost him the gavel.

Kate Snow: And Allie joins me now from the White House. And, Allie, the plan does not include any of the funding requested by Pres. Biden for Israel, for Ukraine, the southern border. How is the White House reacting?

Allie Raffa: Yeah, Kate, the White House is slamming this proposal as a “recipe for more Republican chaos” that puts critical national security and domestic priorities at risk. Kate.

House Speaker Mike Johnson races to prevent a government shutdown in five days, pitching a split funding plan. Controversially, it lacks key elements, stirring opposition and requiring Democratic backing amid White House criticism.

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