Nick Cannon’s New Game Show


Jeannette: It’s time for some “Celebrity Dish.” (Nick Cannon)

Wisdom: Yeah, Coco Louie in the house this morning. What’s going on? She’s a WPGC radio personality. What’s happening?

Coco: Hey, good morning, guys. Thanks for having me.

Jeannette: Absolutely. By the way, I mean, I was just mentioning, I love your outfit.

Coco: Thank you.

Jeannette: So, thanks for coming on.

Coco: Thank you for having me.

Jeannette: Are you ready to get into it?

Coco: I am.

Jeannette: All right. Well, let’s start here with producer Chris. Let’s see. He’s got the latest on what went viral on Twitter to put it lightly because, Chris, people were losing their minds.

Christopher: It’s true. And he had me a little bit fooled. We talked about it yesterday. We’re talking about Nick Cannon, the host of “The Masked Singer.” He had teased in an announcement on social media. He used a baby bottle. That got everyone thinking maybe he was gonna announce another child on the way. Instead he announced a new game show with Kevin Hart. It’s fittingly titled, “Who’s Having My Baby?” Take a look.

Kevin: Guys, you’re on a game show right now.

Woman: Kevin Hart and Nick Cannon are coming to E! for the mother of all game shows.

Kevin: Having my baby with Nick Cannon. You’re gonna get some contestants that wanna have your baby.

Woman: We’re not kidding around.

Nick: Eenie meenie miney…

Kevin: Let’s go.

Woman: “Who’s Having My Baby with Nick Cannon” hosted by Kevin Hart this spring only on E!.

Christopher: Okay. So that looks like a game show involving women competing to be the mother of Nick Cannon’s next child, right? However, like we teased at the top of the show, appearances can be deceiving because “Variety” is reporting this morning that this is actually a sketch in a new Kevin Hart show that is coming out later in the spring. But they have not said that, they are teasing it like it’s a real show. So right now, there is a lot of confusion about what this is actually going to be and, kind of, what form it’s gonna take. Guys, what do you think about all of this? Do you think it’s something to joke about? Do you think this is part of a sketch? Do you think this is a real thing? Could they make this a real thing?

Coco: You know, I’m gonna just say I’m happy that it is a joke, because I’m not gonna hold you. We were reporting on this earlier this week, and I was just like, “Wow, 13 kids is a lot of kids.” But I mean, that’s not my business. That’s his business. But I’m happy that it is a game show, even if it is a sketch. You know, it takes the pressure off him because, again, everybody’s watching like, are you about to pop another kid? We wanna know.

Jeannette: Which I mean you wouldn’t put it past him, right? They knew people would buy into this. The number of faces you made watching that video, do you think it’s legit?

Wisdom: No.

Jeannette: Okay. So what do you think is gonna come up?

Wisdom: I think it’s a sketch, like a Kevin Hart sketch, which makes me a little bit more relaxed about it because not that it’s any of my business what he does with the women, but I just think it’s funnier realizing that this is fake. Like, what was his show, “The Husbands of Hollywood”? Which I thought was hilarious.

Jeannette: Which is a bunch of sketches.

Wisdom: Which is a bunch of sketches.

Jeannette: Boris Kodjoe was on it. No, just in case for the folks who don’t know.

Wisdom: Yeah. He has nothing to do with this.

Jeannette: Right.

Coco: No, you’re right.

Wisdom: There were, like, eight people on that show and you’re talking about…

Jeannette: It kinda has to do with everything.

Wisdom: Are you into Boris Kodjoe as well?

Jeannette: He’s a handsome young man.

Wisdom: Yeah, there’s a lot… There was eight people on the show, and that’s the only one she brought up.

Coco: He’s one of the best actors.

Wisdom: Yeah.
Jeannette: I’m curious though, if it were a legitimate show, do you think people would tune in?

Wisdom: No.

Christopher: I do. Absolutely.

Jeannette: Yes.

Coco: Yeah.

Jeannette: People tune in for anything these days.

Christopher: I’m one of ’em. Here’s the thing though, what this kind of looks to me like is maybe…remember the old Ashton Kutcher show like “Punk’d”?

Jeannette: Right.

Christopher: Because Kevin Hart has joked with Nick Cannon before. Remember he sent him that condom vending machine?

Jeannette: Yes.

Christopher: He took out the billboard in LA…

Jeannette: Right, they have that thing going on.

Christopher: …about if you need father advice type of a thing. So that’s my guess is this is a sketch show and a prank on Nick Cannon. That’s my guess.

Jeannette: Okay. I totally forgot they play those pranks on each other and… Okay. Yeah, it makes more sense now.

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