Super Mario Brothers Movie


The upcoming Super Mario Brothers movie has fans eagerly awaiting a new cinematic adventure starring their beloved characters. With high expectations, this film aims to bring the iconic video game franchise to life on the big screen.

Shigeru: Today, I’m excited for you all to see the third and final trailer for the Super Mario Brothers movie. By the way, do you know what March 10th is? If you write out the date in English, it looks like this. Okay, do you see it? It can be read as Mario. That’s why many fans call it the “Day of Mario,” otherwise known as “Mario Day.” We thought this day would be perfect for releasing the final trailer, so that’s why we chose it this time around. Due to time differences, it’s the day before in some regions, but I hope you’ll enjoy it all the same. On this special day, I’m joined once again by Chris Meledandri. Hello, Chris san.

Together: Hey. Nintendo Direct.

Charlie: Happy Mario Day. It’s exciting to be here with you all to celebrate the Super Mario Brothers movie.

Chris P.: Don’t forget, Luigi is a Mario brother too, so don’t be afraid to celebrate the green man if you choose to.

Charlie: I really appreciate you saying that. Yeah. Yeah.

Chris P.: That’s what scream brothers are for.

Seth: And if you choose to celebrate Donkey Kong that is also acceptable.

Keegan: Or Toad.

Charlie: Yeah. No, it’s Mario Day, not DK Day.

Seth: So, let me get this straight. It’s okay to celebrate Luigi on Mario Day, but not DK or Toad?

Charlie: It’s Mario Day. You know, Luigi’s a Mario Brother so.

Keegan: I don’t know, Charlie. It feels a little bit unfair.

Charlie: Oh, come on, can Luigi get some shine just once? You know, back me up here Chris. Right.

Chris P.: I’m gonna stay out of this. Let’s go to Anya and Jack.

Anya: Hello again, Nintendo Direct.

Jack: Anya and I are here together to prove that despite our on-screen differences, we’re actually totally cool in real life.

Anya: Yeah, absolutely.

Jack: We’re so cool, in fact, that Anya has agreed to officially proclaim this day as Bowser Day 2023. That’s right. Mario Day is canceled. You’re welcome.

Anya: I never agreed to that.

Jack: Can we cut that part where she disagrees?

Anya: Please don’t cut that part.

Jack: Come on. Bowser Day. It’s awesome.

Shigeru: All right, everyone, relax. Let’s agree that Mario Day is for everyone. This is the first time Charlie san and Keegan san have appeared in a Nintendo Direct in their performances of Luigi and Toad.

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Super Mario Brothers