Legal Services

Did you know Speechpad delivers 10,000 pages per month of legal transcripts to clients both large and small? We work with attorneys for depositions, we receive audio from court transcribers to deliver final product, and we work with large firms as a primary or overflow provider of fully completed, NCRA formatted, legal transcriptions. It is an expertise we’ve developed over the last year, and we save our clients time and money with our upfront, “no gotcha’s” pricing. We help our clients never miss a deadline, and they typically earn 80-100% profit on our work!

Example: 1 Hour Deposition, 4 Day Turnaround

$1.20/min x 60 min transcription
$0.35/min x 60 min for NCRA formatting, or client supplied template
$0.35/min x 60 min verbatim if required

No charge for timestamps (included for legal clients)
No charge for multiple speakers (check our competitor’s fine print for gotchas!)

Speechpad price: $114
Our competitor’s price: $200+
What our clients can charge for the finished product: $230 (based on $3.50/page)
We make our clients money!


Our legal clients use our record-a-call feature to automatically record consultations or intake calls free of charge. If they land the client, they can order up a transcript of that call for $1.20/min at any time.


Attorney’s often use our phone-a-note feature to call in when leaving a courthouse to record trial notes using accurate and precise human-based transcribers so that no mistakes are made.

Only $1.20/min
24-Hour Turnaround Order Now!