Video Subtitling Services

Video subtitling is an incredibly useful and necessary part of most video and audio production these days, especially with the share-ability of videos across the world. While radio isn’t the same household medium it used to be, there’s still a high demand for subtitling services for all kinds of major events—whether they are broadcast live, on video, or in person. Especially when there’s a need for live subtitles in front of an audience, it’s very important they they are accurate, well formatted, and legible in a way that can easily be read and shared. That’s where Speechpad comes in.

At Speechpad, we’re the subtitling company that gets it done right the first time. As a human-produced transcription service, we provide you with reliable subtitles that are properly formatted, read well, and meet your deadline needs. We know that when you need good subtitles, the last thing that you need to be worrying about is them getting to you on time. So whether it’s a day or a week, a minute-long video, or a 4 hour lecture, we’ll get you what you need when you need it.

The Benefits of Subtitling

When you’re subtitling, and even producing transcripts for subtitles after the fact, your transcription gains immediate value in that it provides a written version of a speech, video, or other audio file. While video and audio recordings are incredible advents of modern technology, much of the United States is made up of visual learners, and that means that most things won’t sink in until they’ve been read. That’s where subtitles can be especially helpful.

By providing accurate subtitles, your videos can be significantly more engaging, live events will be easier to track with, and the nuances of conversation and mental fillers can easily be captured by the intuitive skills of any of our 5,000+ writes on staff.

Companies like Moz and Netflix trust us to take audio and video files and give them proper subtitling, captions, and transcription that gives a broader audience access to search for, find, and engage with text and video that they are looking for. By taking the subtitles from a video that we transcribe and posting it to your site, you’re increasing the likelihood that someone can find your video, see the text that they’re looking for, and convert to an audience member or subscriber instantly.

The Benefits of Speechpad

Now, we recognize that there’s more than one organization out there who offers competitive subtitling services, and they all may seem the same, but there are certainly several distinguishing marks for Speechpad — and we want to share them with you now:

Human Intuition

With thousands of trained, tested writers on our staff, we are guaranteed to catch the nuances of “new” and “knew,” and keep homophones distinct of each other. Rather than relying on a computer to know the basic machinations of the English language, we rely on people, who get how other people think and communicate, and the result is a more accurate, more professional transcription.

Fast Turnaround

Ever hear the phrase, “If you’re on time, you’re late?” For us, being late isn’t an option, when you set a deadline for us, we’ll meet it—or better yet, beat it! Whether you need subtitles produced in 24 hours, two days, or a week, our staff is on call 24/7 to make sure that we get your transcription to you fast!

Affordable Pricing

Our pricing options are designed to meet your varying needs, because we know that subtitles on a one minute viral video are not the same as subtitles on a 5-hour lecture series. Whether you need verbatim or just readable subtitles, we’ll make sure that every “um” and “ah” is where it needs to be. From legal jargon to prognosis positive, we’ve got a good word at a better price.

So don’t hesitate: for video subtitling and other subtitling services you need, call or fill out a form online with Speechpad, and get your transcription started in as little as thirty seconds, today!