Case Study Major Regional Insurance Provider


A large regional insurance provider needed a company they could rely on to provide timely and accurate transcriptions of file interviews, recorded statements, and summary reports. Maintaining a written record of verbal communications is a critical business need in the insurance industry. Transcripts must be highly accurate, verbatim record of every utterance. For example, all the ums, ahs, uhs, s- s- stutters, etc. must be transcribed. Furthermore, since personal customer information is disclosed in the interviews and recorded statements, the security of the audio recordings and transcripts are of utmost concern. Finally, quick turnaround times were important to the company, since transcriptions were usually needed for active cases, where timely responses and prompt customer service is a must.

Considering these challenges, this provider needed a transcription partner that could:

Speechpad Advantage

The insurance giant chose Speechpad to handle their transcription needs, due to our ability to meet all of their business needs. The following Speechpad advantages factored into their decision:


Today, Speechpad fulfills the transcription needs for multiple regional branches for this insurance provider, provides a dedicated operations manager, and maintains a team of transcribers trained and experienced with verbatim insurance transcription. All of the providers are very happy with the quality and consistency of the transcripts as well as the customer service. The end result — the company’s managers and claims personnel do not have to worry or invest effort into getting transcripts. Media files are easily submitted to Speechpad and workflow progresses automatically, always producing accurate and on-time transcripts. The national provider can rely on the fact that Speechpad will be there for them over the long haul, can scale to meet their growing transcription volume, will protect their confidential data, and will always be responsive to their evolving needs.