We offer Transcription, Standard Captions, and Premium Captions. Our Transcription service can provide clean copy, verbatim, timestamped, or legal formatted transcripts of audio and video recordings, with the choice of 12 or 24 hour turnaround. Our Standard Captions service provides captions suitable for most web video applications (e.g. YouTube), with the choice of 1 week or 48 hour turnaround. Our Premium Captions service provides FCC-compliant captions suitable for broadcast TV or commercial streaming services (e.g. Netflix). We also offer Foreign Language Services for transcription, captions, and translation.


Submit your audio or video and get a transcript.

  • $1.30 for 24-hour turnaround
  • $1.30 + $0.50 for expedited 6-12 hour turnaround
  • 6 hour turnaround by request
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Time synchronized captioning, togglable, closed and open captioning.

  • Prices start at $1.50 per minute
  • SDH, burned in, rich sound effects, music
  • 48 hour or better turnaround
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Foreign Language

Transcription and translation of text/video/audio

  • Prices start at $3.00 per minute
  • 27 languages and dialects supported
  • 96 hour or better turnaround
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Take a look at some of our samples for examples of high-quality transcription and captions produced by Speechpad.

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