Standard Captions

Speechpad’s Standard Captioning service provides time-synchronized Closed Captions for spoken dialogue that can be toggled on/off by the viewer. Captions are a great way to increase the audience of your video. They will make your videos more accessible to 35 million Americans who report having hearing difficulties and over 1 billion people who speak English as a second language. They will also help you comply with federal regulations requiring accessibility for the hearing-impaired. In addition, captions allow your viewers to read along when audio is unavailable or muted. In many scenarios, the availability of captions might make the difference between whether or not yours is played.

Pricing & Turnaround

  • $1.50 per minute and receive your files in one week
  • $2.50 per minute and receive your files in 48 hours
  • For our high-volume customers, we offer discounted pricing and monthly billing.

Additional Options

  • Foreign Language captions also available

    Speechpad offers several services for foreign language audio and video content, including:

    • Foreign Language Transcription
    • Foreign Language Captions
    • Audio Translation

    The most common languages requested are: Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian, German, Italian, Dutch, and Hindi. We are able to provide provide standard pricing for those languages. If your audio is in a language not listed above, please contact us.

What You’ll Receive

  • When ordering Standard Captions, you will receive:
  • SRT file suitable for YouTube

    The SubRip text file format is a very common caption/subtitle format. SubRip files are named with the extension .srt, and are therefore also referred to as SRT files. The file contents are simple and easy to read.

  • WebVTT file suitable for HTML5 video

    WebVTT is a relatively new standard for captions and subtitles published by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). The acronym stands for “Web Video Text Tracks.”

  • XML

    XML-based captions are based on the Extensible Markup Language, and can come in the following formats:

    • TTML
    • DFXP
    • SMPTE-TT
  • TTML file popular for streaming video services

    Timed Text Markup Language (TTML) is a standard for XML captions developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) in order to unify the increasingly divergent set of existing caption formats.

  • DFXP file suitable for Adobe Premiere, Flash, and Silverlight players

    DFXP (Distribution Format Exchange Profile) is standard for XML captions and subtitles based on the TTML (Timed Text Markup Language) format, developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) in order to unify the increasingly divergent set of existing caption formats.

  • SMPTE-TT file adhering to SMPTE specifications

    SMPTE-TT is a standard for XML captions and subtitles, created by the Society of Motion Pictures and Television Engineers (SMPTE). It is largely based on TTML, but also includes some additional features that TTML did not support.

  • SCC file suitable broadcast and legacy requirements

    The Scenarist Closed Caption (SCC) format is a text-based representation of the binary EIA-608 format, which is also known as “line 21 captions” or “CEA-608”. EIA-608 is a legacy standard for closed captioning of NTSC TV broadcasts in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Many products still support SCC format, including those from Adobe (Encore and Premiere Pro), Apple (iTunes, Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro, and Compressor), and Google (YouTube).

  • ASS

    Advanced SubStation Alpha (ASS) is an improved version of the SubStation Alpha (SSA) caption format created by CS Low. The SSA and ASS formats are used by the subtitle editor, SubStation Alpha, which supports creation of subtitles with advanced display features, such as positioning, style management, and karaoke-style animation. The formats are also used for creating burned-in captions, also known as open captions.

  • A transcript at no extra charge
    This transcript can be very helpful in attracting visitors to your website. Publish the transcript along side of the video, and every spoken phrase is instantly searchable on the web.

    Speechpad gives you the choice of several file formats for transcripts:

    • Text document (.txt)
    • HTML document (.html)
    • Microsoft Word document (.docx)
    • RTF document (.rtf)

Satisfaction Guarantee

  • Our multi-pass quality control process ensures that the captions you receive will be of the highest quality—we guarantee 99% or better accuracy. See our Satisfaction Guarantee for more details.

Still have questions? Our 24/7 Customer Support staff is available to help with your order. Please contact us, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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