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A Quick Guide to Better YouTube Video Search Rankings

...Unfortunately, YouTube's transcriptions are notoriously riddled with mistakes. So, either transcribe your own video files or hire a transcription service such as Speechpad (which charges $1 per minute of audio or video content) to create the files for you. Your transcription file can then be uploaded to the "Caption" section of your video pages, providing both YouTube and Google with more accurate information for indexing and ranking your videos.

Transcribing Podcasts & Video

So, transcripts sound great, right? But who has time to transcribe your podcasts and videos? I know I don’t! There is a great tool that can transcribe your videos and podcasts for you at very reasonable rates–best of all, the transcripts have been extremely accurate. Check out Speechpad, a service that utilizes a process involving both automated transcription and human QA to provide transcripts for your rich media in a very timely fashion. Pricing is based on turnaround time and can be as inexpensive as $1/minute in file length. $8 to transcribe that 8 minute audio file? Pretty great!


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Finally got to use the Speechpad service today to transcribe a video with technically heavy subject matter. They did an outstanding job.
— Chris Bubinas
Thank you for my first transcript—very impressed considering the technical nature of the topic.
— Sally Church
Rely on you guys to transcribe all videos in the appbackr blog for better SEO and traffic. Thanks.
— Sarah Cornwell, appbackr
Un servicio interesante para cualquiera que produzca vídeos en Interné: Speechpad, servicios de transcripción de audio.
— redTicos
Get the best video to text transcriptions on the web with Speechpad.
— Jonathan Grice
I love Speechpad! I tested a few and they are the best. Thanks - will give them a shot & see how it goes.
— Deborah
Great transcript turnaround time from the Speechpad guys. Got it back in 18 hours for just $3. Saves typing it myself.
— Mike Essex
Are you transcribing your audio/video content for SEO value? I like and use Speechpad.
— David Wells
Using Speechpad and loving it! Highly recommended.
— David Zimmerman
If you need transcriptions done, you should really take a look at Speechpad. I have had great luck with them.
— Scott Olson, FounderBuzz
This is a really cool service. These guys take all the hassle out of transcription.
— AdBuzz
Reliable and full of awesome.
— George V. Hulme

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