I use Speechpad because it’s the most accurate, speedy and reliable transcription service I’ve ever used.

Andrew Warner, Founder

We love working with Speechpad! The final output is great and the turnaround time is incredible. You all are a great partner for us!

Lauren Dragona-Breen, Head of Production
Coca-Cola Studios

I’ve used Speechpad for my podcast narration for years now. Their speed and accuracy make the service useful and reasonably priced. I tried using several different AI services but the amount of editing required made it more cost-effective to use a human transcriptionist, particularly when the speakers did not have American accents. Thanks, Speechpad for making my job easier!

Joanna Penn, Podcaster and Author
The Creative Penn

We tried Rev, we tried rolling our own solution through Mechanical Turk, we tried hiring directly – nothing and no one could match the value and accuracy of Speechpad.

Andy Rostad, Executive Producer
Media Beyond

Speechpad has been a breeze to work with and I’m really happy we were able to find them during our search for a transcription partner. The quality of the work and customer service whenever an issue arises has been exceptional.

Seth Kravitz, CEO of PHLEARN

I cannot speak highly enough about the people who transcribe files at Speechpad. They, along with this service, have saved me countless hours putting words to audio or video–words from lectures and meetings I’ve recorded or videos and audios I’ve obtained from the web. In addition, this company has wonderful customer service and the price is very reasonable. A very high quality organization and a high quality product received every single time!

Thank you Speechpad!

Dr. David Stone, Licensed Psychologist
San Francisco Stress and Anxiety Center

Speechpad has been tremendously helpful in our podcast creation workflow, allowing our team to focus on what we all do best and providing a valuable reference and readable transcript of all of our interviews

Katie Wells, Founder and CEO
Wellness Mama

Speechpad has become an integral part of our production process and an invaluable tool for my team and me. Not only are the services spectacular but the Speechpad support team has gone above and beyond to ensure my satisfaction.

Colin Eldridge, Digital Producer
Skyword Inc.

Speechpad always provides me with highly accurate transcriptions at a fair price, and they usually beat their announced time schedule. I highly recommend them!

Michael J. Dowling, President
Wool Street Writers

Speechpad provided terrific service.  The process was painless and fast, the product was very high quality.  The transcript was entirely coherent, punctuation perfect.  I will certainly refer others and use the transcription service again.  Thank you, thank you.

Terry Kupers, M.D.

Eliminates the problems and delay that comes with voice transcription software. Speechpad lets us streamline our practice by transcribing thousands of words overnight, without the need to review or edit for the kind of transcription errors that undermined our past efforts.  I can’t recommend this service highly enough.

Robert P., Lawyer
Criminal Lawyer Group

Our communications department produces a great deal of video content for our organization. is a lifesaver when it comes to getting scripts pulled together in a fast manner. I can always rely on quick and accurate service. I’m such a fan that now my wife’s company uses Speechpad and just the other day a former coworker was in touch to ask, “what service do you use again?” I was eager to share the information. Without a doubt, is the way to go for transcription services!

Randy Eilts, Director of Public Relations and Communications
Covenant Living

I use Speechpad to transcribe customer testimonials and I’d highly recommend the product. The transcription quality is great and the Speechpad team is fast – often even faster than the allotted time.

Johanna Cohen, Product Marketing Manager

My secret to producing great content for difficult clients: Speechpad. I record an interview with them and convert it into content for their site. With just a little editing, I can produce authoritative and relevant content for their site. Thanks, Speechpad, for helping these clients get found by their customers!

David Zimmerman, Search Marketing Consultant
Reliable Acorn LLC

I’m generally pleased with the level of service we receive from Speechpad. The download process is smooth and easy, the prices are good and presented right up front, and the work comes back quickly and, for the most part, accurately.

David Poulos, Director of Marketing
Pinnacle Advisory Group

I use Speechpad to transcribe all my YouTube videos. I love them because they have actual people doing the work and they’re spot on and they usually deliver in less than 24hrs. You should definitely use them!

Yoni Czegledi, VP of Sales, Marketing and Product Design

I am very pleased with SpeechPad and we use their transcription service often. They produce accurate transcripts quickly and the cost is very reasonable. I have used them for years and continue to be impressed with the quality of their service.

Page Pate, Owner
Pate, Johnson & Church LLC

These are high-level, technical, mining-related audio interviews, so the transcriber regularly getting the correct spelling on a lot of these obscure, foreign town names and project names is quite impressive – you can tell the transcriber took the time to look up the proper words through Google or on the mining company’s website.

The fast turnaround time and low price is excellent. Now thanks to Speechpad, I’m able to turn my podcast interviews and other audio quickly into Q&A articles for our newspaper, so our subscribers have the choice to listen to the podcast or read a transcript of it. And I can fill the pages of the newspaper at a much lower cost than commissioning a freelance article, for example – so important when as media we really have to watch every penny.

Also, the interface on your website and the various options to download transcripts and review audio is very helpful and easy to use.

So, I’m a 100% satisfied customer!

John Cumming, Editor-in-chief
Northern Miner

I am always very satisfied with the transcriptions that Speechpad does for my Emerson Automation Experts blog podcasts. Their service is fast, accurate and reliable.

Jim Cahill, Surface Dweller, and Head of Social Media for Emerson Automation Solutions
Emerson Automation Experts

We’ve been testing various transcription services… and Speechpad turned out to be a clear winner in terms of accuracy and speed!

Wilco de Kreij, Founder

Tried word recognition software first. Took more work than listening to the audio and transcribing it myself. Had tons of mistakes. Switched to Speechpad and have never looked back. They generate usable transcripts that allow me to work much more efficiently.

Emanuel Goldman, Ph.D. Professor
Rutgers New Jersey Medical School

As a leader in the NLP space, RSVT finds Speechpad’s platform a great fit for our data acquisition needs.  Our deployed speech recognition app is constantly learning thanks to a transcription client we were able to build against Speechpad’s APIs.  The verbatim option is understood by their crowd and the turnaround time is never an issue. Additionally, Speechpad works with us to ensure robustness (e.g. update instructions, API updates etc) on an ongoing basis.

Matt Robinson, Co-Founder & Data Scientist
Red Shift Voice Technology

I have used Speechpad for transcriptions and their service is second to none. Fast and comprehensive turnaround, they are a pleasure to work with. I would recommend this service to anyone who needs a quality transcription to be completed. You will be very pleased with the results.



Philip Brown, Client Services Manager
Credit Canada

As soon as I got serious about SEO, and social marketing I knew I needed both captions to capture interest on social, and transcriptions to catch Google’s eye. I looked at a few options and tried Speechpad once, it was such a high-quality transcription (they removed a lot of ‘ums’ and ‘ahs’ that automatic software would’ve left). And the whole process was just easy, I quickly built them into our process and have not looked back.


Timmy Brown, Entrepreneur and Marketing Manager
iRefi Mortgages

I would be absolutely LOST without Speechpad’s transcription services. They make my job as an independent writer so much easier. Sometimes I have to work with poor quality or very large audio files. Each time this happens, they reach out, exceed my expectations, and they CARE. All professional services should be delivered with the same level of proficiency and compassion.

Kelly Barner Owner, Managing Director
Buyers Meeting Point, LLC

Speechpad is an indispensable service that augments the information I am given on new technology solutions and helps me turn the recordings of briefings by the companies concerned into high quality reviews of the technology. Without it I would waste hours of my time.

Martin Gandar, Associate Senior Analyst

In more than 20 years of research and writing, I’ve haven’t come across any professional service — not one — that delivered better, more reliable value per dollar, nor better customer service, than Speechpad. Since the first time I tried it, I haven’t used any other transcription service, and I don’t plan to.

Tony Proscio, Associate Director for Research
Duke Sanford Center for Strategic Philanthropy & Civil Society

Speechpad came highly recommended by our SEO agency to assist us in
transcribing video content for our multichannel inventory management
company. We couldn’t agree more! We have been amazed at the
accuracy of the video transcriptions with technical barcoding and
stock control terms, coupled with the quick turnaround and affordable
prices. We highly recommend their services, and we are certain they
will not disappoint.

Chinh Nguyen, Co-founder
Finale Inventory

Speechpad is the one service I simply could not operate without. They always beat the deadline and never disappoint.

Andrew Bone, CEO
Stop Loss, Inc.

We have been using Speechpad since 2016 and it has been a strong part of our content strategy to enhance video content.  The turnaround time is quick, the quality is high and the fees are cost-efficient. Highly recommended and the best transcription service we’ve ever used.

Mark Kennedy, Owner
SEOM Interactive

We’re always extremely impressed with the fast turn around and accuracy that we get with your transcription services. Your team is friendly, willing to accommodate our needs, and dependable. These are traits that are often difficult to find in any partnership, and I’m glad we’ve had the opportunity to grow our relationship with you!

Chad Vossen, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer
522 Productions, LLC

Easy to use UI, super quick response time if issues arise, fast turnaround, and high accuracy (even when transcribing unusual brand/product names).

Thank you!

Daniel Hurd
Prima Supply

I have gone through dozens of other transcription services ranging from individuals to companies, and NO SERVICE has ever matched the quality and consistency I receive with Speechpad. I’ve had thousands of minutes transcribed by them now for my training products, and the work is always reliable and outstanding.

Jason Linett
Work Smart Hypnosis

I love you Speechpad! You’re hands down the fastest, lowest priced, and most accurate transcription service around. You free me up to do what I do best and support women around the world to create more prosperity.

Thanks so much!

Sandy Forster
Wildly Wealthy Women

I would like to publicly declare my love for @speechpad.

Jeseph Meyers
Queen City Media

I don’t know if I could produce and activate a podcast every week without @speechpad and @audiobag. They do their job so I can do mine.

Heike Young

Speechpad is the fastest and most accurate transcription service we’ve ever used. They know how to transcribe industry jargon and correctly reference websites, and are a life saver in a pinch. I can’t imagine using any other company or service for transcription!

Aaron Wheeler

Wow… I’m so impressed! Thank you so much. You guys are great. I’ll definitely be working with you again!

Doreen Lecheler

There are few products/services that are so simple to use and quick to provide the expected outcome.

While other transcription services exist, I chose Speechpad based on price and simplicity. I continue to be pleased with the ease of submission, transcription options, turnaround time and transcription quality.

Kudos on this service. Keep it up.

Kristen Heffernan
Certified Security Solutions, Inc.

You guys are awesome! Makes my life a whole lot easier. Keep up the good work!

Heidi Thorne, Business author and self publishing expert

Speechpad lets us scale transcription needs on hundreds of videos at once. Transcription has hugely increased our viewership. Users now watch more than 50,000 minutes of our videos each month and these views precede 20% of our sales.

Joshua Unseth, Director of Marketing
Alarm Grid