I use Speechpad because it’s the most accurate, speedy and reliable transcription service I’ve ever used.

Andrew Warner, Founder

We love working with Speechpad! The final output is great and the turnaround time is incredible. You all are a great partner for us!

Lauren Dragona-Breen, Head of Production
Coca-Cola Studios

I’ve used Speechpad for my podcast narration for years now. Their speed and accuracy make the service useful and reasonably priced. I tried using several different AI services but the amount of editing required made it more cost-effective to use a human transcriptionist, particularly when the speakers did not have American accents. Thanks, Speechpad for making my job easier!

Joanna Penn, Podcaster and Author
The Creative Penn

We tried Rev, we tried rolling our own solution through Mechanical Turk, we tried hiring directly – nothing and no one could match the value and accuracy of Speechpad.

Andy Rostad, Executive Producer
Media Beyond

Speechpad has been a breeze to work with and I’m really happy we were able to find them during our search for a transcription partner. The quality of the work and customer service whenever an issue arises has been exceptional.

Seth Kravitz, CEO of PHLEARN

Speechpad has been tremendously helpful in our podcast creation workflow, allowing our team to focus on what we all do best and providing a valuable reference and readable transcript of all of our interviews

Katie Wells, Founder and CEO
Wellness Mama