Frequently Asked Questions

Services & Pricing

Why should I choose Speechpad?
What kind of transcription and captioning services do you offer?
How much do your different services cost?
How do your rates compare to other transcription providers?
Are there any other fees?
How long does it take?
Do you guarantee the quality of your work?
What markets do you do transcriptions and captions for?
Can you handle multiple speakers and do you charge extra?
How do you handle poor-quality audio?
Do you transcribe and caption files that are in a foreign language?
Can you translate audio to a foreign language?
Can you transcribe or caption really, really long files?
I have a lot of files. Can I get a bulk price discount?
Do you have an API?
How do you compare to
I have files that are very confidential. How do you assure confidentiality?
Will Speechpad sign an NDA?

Transcription Services

Can I see an example transcription?
Is the price the same for audio and video files?
Can you do timestamps for transcriptions?
Can you do strict verbatim transcriptions?
Can you handle multiple speakers and do you charge extra?

Standard & Premium Caption Services

Can I see an example of Standard Captions?
Can I see an example of Premium Captions?
What video file formats do you accept?
Do you need high-resolution versions of my videos?
When I order captions, what do I actually get back?
When I order captions, do I get a transcript too?
What caption file formats do you provide?
Can you produce a custom output format?
Can you actually burn the captions into my video?
How can I view or edit the caption file I receive?
What do I do with the caption file I get back?
I already have a transcript of my video, can you turn that into captions?
Are your captions FCC-compliant?
Are your captions ADA-compliant?

Placing an Order

How do I get started?
Do I need an account to order a transcription or captions?
What payment options are available?
When do I pay?
Can you bill me via an invoice to be paid later?
What web browsers do you support?
Is my information secure?
What kind of audio and video files can you transcribe or caption?
How do I order a transcription or captions?
Can I cancel my order after I’ve placed it?

The Transcription & Captioning Process

Do real people actually transcribe my audio and video?
How do you find and qualify your transcriptionists?
What is your Q.A. process?

Becoming a Transcriber

How do I become a transcriber?
How much are transcribers paid?
What skills do I need to be a transcriber?
Do I need special equipment or software?
Is there a minimum number of hours I have to work?
How and when are transcribers paid?
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