SEO Made Easy

If your business — or job — requires lead generation, you know that content is king. If you are creating videos, webinars, podcasts or recorded communications of any kind, you can create discoverable, organic content with the help of Speechpad, a San Francisco-based transcription service.

Use the transcriptions to post enriched, discoverable content on your website and other Internet venues. Captioning, subtitling and translation services are all available. Get your transcription for as little as $1 per minute with guaranteed results. Use the promotional code EASYSEO for a 10% discount on your first order.

Speechpad provides effective, timely transcription and translation services for these outcomes:

  • Lead generation — attract the attention of prospects, strategic partners and talent
  • SEO — help audiences and search engines discover you via enriched, organic content
  • ROI — boost your online marketing ROI
  • Subtitles and captions — your videos and movies in any language, hearing impaired compliant
  • Global outreach — easy and effective communication, in any language
  • Customer engagement — provide useful content, support and services
  • Internal communications — share information with your personnel; provide training, domestically and internationally