Speech to Text

Speechpad specializes in converting speech to text to create a readable, search-able, and archive-able version of what was said.

We have several different ways of converting speech to text, depending on your particular needs. We can provide a verbatim transcription, a transcription that captures every uhhm, ah, and false start of the speakers. This type of transcription is often used by insurance companies or others for a specific legal purpose. At Speechpad, we have delivered over a thousand hours of high quality verbatim transcripts. See our transcription samples page for some examples.

You may want a readable transcription. This means the text is cleaned up while still capturing every material intent of the original audio. Common examples are earnings calls, meetings, videos, or podcasts. We have posted plenty of examples in the samples section!

Finally, you may even want a book-ready transcription. Contact us to get in touch with an account representative to discuss your needs. By example, although it’s somewhat rare, a transcription might even contain words that were not in the original audio file if it makes the intent more clear or the final transcript more readable.

In addition to file upload via the website, you can submit audio through a regular phone or a smart phone application. We offer a phone recording service to capture phone calls, conference calls, or simply leave notes for yourself. Our smart phone applications allow you to record, manage, and share audio as well.

More Speech to Text information

Transcribing speech to text has gained in popularity throughout the years, and speech recognition software is becoming increasingly available in most Androids, iPhones, and Blackberries. These applications are helpful for transcribing short phrases, but accurate speech to text can only be ensured by an experienced transcription service.

Let’s say you use a third-party application to transcribe the speech you’re delivering in front of the whole office to text. You finish talking after 10 minutes only to realize that half the words that have been recorded are completely different from the words you said. In addition, the punctuation and grammar of most sentences is incorrect. Instead of sorting through this mess, a transcription service can convert your audio to text in the most accurate way possible by using the human discernment that today’s automated technology lacks.

Technological advancements have allowed transcription services to work faster and provide more accurate transcriptions, but are not at the point where the technology alone can replace human transcribers. Today, the only way to accurately transcribe speech to text is through professionals who can accurately discern words as well as the meanings of particular sentences in a conversation.

Business meetings conducted in person or over the phone are often recorded for later reference. Speechpad helps businesses by converting these conversations into high value, searchable documents that can be organized and archived.


All of our services come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee or we will refund your money or correct your transcript at your option. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction.