Video Transcription Services

The advent of YouTube and low cost digital cameras has tremendously broadened the quantity and reach of video on the web. The challenge for many web video producers is making it easy for others to find their content. One way to do that is to use Video Transcription as a way to generate search-able text so that users can find your content using search engines.

At Speechpad, we’ve built special tools for uploading and transcribing audio from video, whether it comes from a URL, like YouTube, or the video file directly. We accept a broad range of file formats making it even easier for you to upload straight to our site—including .mp4, .video, .mov, and .avi!

There are often two different ways that people attempt video transcription before they get frustrated and come to the experts here at Speechpad: in house, and automatic/electronic transcription. The problem with in-house transcription is that you’re taking valuable time from your interns and employees, who aren’t trained in professional transcription like we are, and in return you get a second-rate transcription that cost you a day’s worth of labor.

On the other hand, some more economically minded will try an automatic video transcription services that just don’t understand the difference between “orcs” from Lord of the Rings and “ox” who plow your field. Not transcribing blockbuster fantasy films? How about “access” versus “axes,” or “hearsay” and “here’s a”? Common human intuition often overrides the capabilities of a computer, especially when the task it to transcribe video to text.

How many times have you tried to find a restaurant using your smart phone guide, only to wind up with a search for nonsense? Whether you’re relying on a computer to recognize complex everyday language, or you’re asking an employee to spend valuable company time on a big transcription job, in-house and electronic transcription are a waste of time and money. That’s why we’re here with a practical, affordable solution.

Transcribe video from 1 minute to 1,000 minutes, and we guarantee accurate, fast transcription that comes at very affordable rates. You’ll get it when you need it, and you can focus on getting the work that you need to get done while we take care of the rest.


Our price for transcription varies by your turnaround requirement. Whatever video transcription services you need, from a quick YouTube video to a business presentation or lecture transcription, our prices change to meet your varying needs. Need it fast? No problem, we’ve got turnaround times of a day or less.

If you don’t need it quite as fast, we’ll still get it to you within 4 days, and you’ll save some extra money! Either way, we guarantee a quality transcription that gets the words right the first time. And if for whatever reason you’re unsatisfied, just send it back and we’ll adjust accordingly. No extra charge.


All of our services come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee or we will refund your money or correct your transcript at your discretion. Our goal is total customer satisfaction. We know that a lot of programs that promise they can transcribe your video to text often come back with unsatisfying results. Homophones are easily mistaken, and human intuition is clearly lacking. So trust the best in human transcribing: trust Speechpad. Call today, or fill out our quick form to get set up in 30 seconds or less today!