Voice to Text

Speechpad specializes in converting voice to text to create a high value document that can be read, searched, archived, or used for other purposes such as Search Engine Optimization: SEO.

We can convert voice to text in different ways based on your requirements. We offer a verbatim transcription if you would like every uhhm, ah, false start or other utterance included in the transcript. Insurance companies and law firms often require this type of voice to text transcription to capture speaker nuances or for a specific legal purpose. At Speechpad, we have delivered over a 1000 hours of high quality verbatim transcripts. See the transcription samples page for examples.

Our most popular choice is a readable transcription, i.e. a transcription where the text is edited while still capturing every material intent of the original audio, we can provide that as well. Earnings calls, meetings, videos, phone conversations or podcasts are typical use cases. We have examples in our samples section.

Some customers require a book-ready transcription. We do these through our sister site, The Admin Source. These transcripts are heavily edited with the intention of delivering a final, customer-ready product. As an example, though somewhat rare, a transcription might even contain words that were not in the original audio file if it makes the intent more clear or the final transcript more readable.

In addition to file upload via the website, you can submit audio through a regular phone or a smart phone application. We offer a phone recording service to capture phone calls, conference calls, or simply leave notes for yourself. Our smart phone applications allow you to record, manage, and share audio as well.


All of our services come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee or we will refund your money or correct your transcript at your option. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction