About Us

What We Do

Speechpad provides transcription, captioning and translation services to a diverse international customer base. To get the work done, we use a crowd-sourced workforce, web based tools, and a multi-stage quality assurance process. Since we began operations in 2008, we have always made customer satisfaction our top priority. In order to have happy customers, our services must be reliable and high quality. That can only be achieved with a competent, efficient, and happy worker base.

Our Workforce

When it comes to our workforce, our goal is to provide a means for anyone with a computer, internet connection, and sufficient competency to earn money on terms that suit them. We currently offer jobs for transcribers, captioners, translators, and editors/reviewers. All jobs are posted and all work is performed on the Speechpad.com worker website. The website provides tools to help make workers more efficient as well as 24/7 worker support via email and online chat. There is no sign-up fee or monthly charges for using our system.

Learn More

If you are interesting in learning more about becoming part of the Speechpad workforce, visit How It Works. If you have specific questions, you might also want to check our FAQ. If you run into difficulty or can’t find an answer to one of your questions, feel free to contact us.

If you are a customer who’d like to learn more about using Speechpad’s services, please visit our customer website.