It has been really awesome doing part-time work with Speechpad. Everyone is so helpful and encouraging and I’ve learnt so much and I’m really grateful for the experience. Thank you and warm greetings from Cape Town, South Africa.

Janine C.

Working for Speechpad has been financially and intellectually rewarding. Work-life balance has been possible because of the flexible schedule. The Speechpad team’s assistance and their effort to let you know of your work’s positive feedback matters a lot because it makes you feel deeply appreciated. It’s just simply great to be a part of the Speechpad family.

Andy L.
Transcriber, reviewer and QA manager

What stands out about Speechpad is that these guys are “human,” something that’s hard to find with online/freelance work sites. They’re always quick to answer my questions or address any issues, they’re fair and approachable, and I can always see exactly where I need to improve versus where I excel. It’s more “colleague,” less “assembly line.

Heather J.

I started as a transcriber with Speechpad in 2012, found my niche, and grew from there. I love that Speechpad has allowed me to be flexible with my availability regardless of how my responsibilities within the company have changed over time.

April B.
Captions Manager

Working for Speechpad has allowed me to earn extra money on a flexible schedule, which is essential to being a stay at home parent. My work is never the same and I’m always learning something new, so it never gets tedious.

Daniela R.
QA Manager

I’ve been working for Speechpad for over 3 years now, and it’s been an great experience. I had tried some of the other transcription companies out there, but Speechpad won out hands-down. The staff has made all the difference because they really bend over backwards to work with you and help you any way they can, and I’ve actually become more educated about business and technology through the material I’ve transcribed. Working for Speechpad has been a great way to make money in a way that’s flexible enough for my life and schedule.

Amy B.
Transcriber & Reviewer

After years of Googling reliable online jobs, I finally found Speechpad, a well-rated, well-paying employer with rock solid tools for workflow management and QA. I’m hooked!

Kelvin K.

I enjoy working for Speechpad because of the atmosphere of professionalism and the responsive admin. They also let you know that your work is appreciated.

Hazel A.
Transcriber & Reviewer

I super love working for Speechpad! I’ve been with them for 2 years. I love the fact that I am able to work from home any time I want to.

I also appreciate the weekly PayPal payments and the worker’s dashboard which helps me keep track of the work I’ve done.

Unlike other companies, Speechpad’s support is very prompt and friendly. Every time I have an issue or concern, there’s a real person replying to my e-mail, no auto replies. This shows that Speechpad truly cares about their employees.

Jordana V.
Transcriber & Reviewer

Having a flexible work schedule and being able to set my own hours is very important to me. Speechpad has given me the opportunity to work at a job I enjoy while making my own schedule. Can’t really ask for much more than that.

Nidia R.
Transcriber & Reviewer