When it comes to Speechpad’s corporate priorities, customer satisfaction is at the top of the list. We value happy customers more than anything else. The quality and reliability of our service are the two biggest factors that influence customer satisfaction. That’s why we’ve implemented a multi-tier quality assurance system. Reviewers are the linchpins of that system.

Reviewers Serve a Vital Role

Reviewers are the first tier and the foundation of our QA pyramid. They are responsible for ensuring that each customer receives an excellent quality product. Reviewers turn good quality work products into excellent ones, reject poor quality, and return mediocre products for rework. In that sense, they are the “gatekeepers” to the customer, ensuring that only top quality products make it out of the system.

What Does the Job Entail?

There is a different type of review job for each type of work product: transcription, captions, and translation.

Transcription Review Jobs

Transcription review jobs require you to edit completed transcripts that are preloaded into the transcription console. You’ll need to play the entire audio and read along as you listen. When you catch an error, you’ll pause the playback, correct the error, and move on. If you find there are too many errors to effectively edit the transcript, you can send it back to the transcriber for a rework, or reject it outright.

Captioning Review Jobs

Captioning review jobs are a bit more complex than transcription review jobs, but they also pay higher. As a captioning reviewer, you’ll utilize Speechpad’s captioning console, an editor that allows you to edit captions as structured groups rather than as a flat file. When you play the video from within the editor, the captions will appear on the screen and disappear at the times indicated in the corresponding caption groups.

It’s your job to make sure that (1) the captions accurately represent what was said and who said it, (2) the captions are synchronized with the dialog (they appear and disappear at the right times), and (3) the captions are grouped in a way that complies with the rules (both general and potentially job-specific). Our automated caption grouper generally takes care of the last two items, but you might need to make some tweaks, and you’ll also need to make adjustments if the underlying transcript was inaccurate, and you have to make corrections to the dialogue.

The captioning console provides several tools to make your job easier. You can easily adjust timing with a few clicks of the mouse, split or merge caption groups, and control the video playback using the keyboard, mouse or foot pedal. There are also tools to verify compliance with caption grouping rules and highlight caption groups that need attention.

Translation Review Jobs

Translation review jobs are similar to transcription review jobs. You’ll edit completed transcripts that are preloaded into the transcription console, but this time, you’ll be ensuring that the translation is correct.

What Are the Qualifications?

You’ll need to either have prior experience as a transcription reviewer or have an excellent record as a transcriber on the Speechpad system. In the latter case, we’ll contact you. In the former case, you should contact us.

You don’t have to be a very fast transcriber to be good at reviewing, but you do need to be an accurate one. You’ll need to have great grammar skills, and be very detail-oriented. Some transcribers may not have the best typing skills, but have great English skills and a knack for being able to repeat exactly what was spoken. These types of people are able to produce accurate transcripts, but their lack of typing expertise slows them down. They might make good reviewers, because the work involves less typing.

The Quality Assurance Team

The next tier in the pyramid is our Quality Assurance Team. The QA Team members are responsible for ensuring that reviewers are doing their jobs effectively. They regularly perform Q.A. checks on work that has been approved by Speechpad reviewers. If they ever find that the work does not live up to Speechpad’s standards, the reviewer is put on probation, and his or her Reviewer qualification is temporarily revoked. This probationary period serves as the reviewer’s one and only warning. If he or she fails a second Q.A. check, the qualification is permanently revoked. Likewise, if a customer submits a rating less than 4 out of 5, the reviewer is either put on probation or permanently disqualified, depending on the circumstances.

We recruit trusted reviewers to join our QA Team. If you have been a reviewer for six months or more, have never been put on probation, and have a history of being responsive to our operations managers when they ask you to accept certain urgent jobs, you might receive an invite. As part of the QA Team, you’ll earn higher pay, and have the opportunity to advance further.

Certain trusted members of the QA Team are chosen to spot check the work of other QA Team members. This provides an extra level of assurance that reviewers are receiving sufficient oversight.

Operations Team

The Speechpad Operations Team is responsible for ensuring service quality and reliability, customer satisfaction, worker satisfaction and efficiency. As part of fulfilling those responsibilities, the team provides 24/7 customer support, 24/7 worker support, and customer management. Certain members of the Operations Team are also responsible for overseeing the QA Team and spot checking their work (the top tier of the QA pyramid).

We recruit operations personnel from various sources, including the reviewer pool and QA Team.