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Speechpad offers a variety of jobs to suit your skills, aptitude, and experience. New workers generally start out as transcribers doing general transcription. As an entry level transcriber, you’ll find there are plenty of advancement opportunities to move into roles that afford higher pay and greater responsibility. For example, after becoming an experienced transcriber with a high rating, you could advance to the reviewer role, where you would be editing the work of other transcribers. Or, you could also become a captioner. In that role, you’ll start off doing video transcription and eventually learn to work with our captioning console as a captioning reviewer. If you are an experienced translator, we have work for you as well.


As a transcriber, you’ll listen to audio files or watch videos, and type out whatever is spoken. Whether you’re a seasoned transcriber or a novice, you can probably find transcription jobs that are appropriate for your experience level. If you are new to Speechpad, this is where you should start.


Speechpad’s translators are highly skilled multilingual professionals who are able to listen to dialogue in one language and accurately translate it into another. They essentially do both transcription and translation all in one pass. Since translation is a very specialized role, we only work with experienced and certified translators. If after learning more about the qualifications, you feel you are a good fit for the role, please contact us.


Captioners watch videos, and turn the dialogue into captions that will show up on the video as they are spoken. There are two types of captioning jobs: video transcription, and caption review jobs. Beginning captioners will transcribe videos into flat files. The system will turn the video transcript into a set of captions that are synchronized with the sound track. Caption reviewers will then work with our captioning console to perfect the captions.


Reviewers are responsible for ensuring that each customer receives an excellent quality product. Since this is such a crucial role, it is offered by invitation only. After you have proven yourself as a great transcriber, captioner, or translator, you might be offered the role of reviewer for the corresponding job type. As a reviewer, you’ll be editing the work of others to ensure that the final product is 100% accurate.

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