Worker Confidentiality Agreement

For the purposes of this agreement, Confidential Material is, collectively:

  • Any and all audio and video received from SpeechInk (aka Speechpad) or SpeechInk’s customers, including but not limited to audio files, webcasts, audio streams, video files, video streams, presentations, instructions, or other supporting documents, collectively known as Customer Media.
  • Any resulting transcripts, captions, translations, or other work product I create or have access to, collectively known as Work Product.

I agree to the following:

  • I will keep all Confidential Material I receive confidential.
  • I will not discuss or share Confidential Material in any way.
  • I will not, under any circumstance, contact any Speechpad customer or anyone referenced in Confidential Material.
  • I will use all appropriate safeguards to protect and prevent disclosure of Confidential Material.
  • I will use closed headphones when playing Customer Media.
  • I will sign out of the worker website and close any transcription programs and documents when temporarily away from the computer.
  • I will not use any online tools other than the worker website in conjunction with any work I do for Speechpad. I will not use any tools that require or even allow Confidential Material to be uploaded to a third party website.
  • I will not store Confidential Material on my computer unless the worker console expressly provides a mechanism to either (1) download Customer Media or (2) upload Work Product. In that case, I will only store Confidential Material for the period of time necessary to complete the Work Product and I will keep all Confidential Material in computer password-protected files or folders. I will permanently delete and expunge any such Confidential Material from my computer immediately upon skipping, canceling, or completing a job, or within one hour of when the time allotted for doing the work has expired.
  • I will install and maintain antivirus software on any computer I use to access Confidential Material and/or complete Work Product. I will keep such antivirus software active and up to date at all times.
  • I will not disclose my username or password to anyone. I will not allow or enable anyone to sign into or otherwise access my account.
  • I will not store my password in any browser or password manager, other than LastPass.
  • I will not print any Confidential Material.
  • If I become aware of an incident where Confidential Material was disclosed, was potentially disclosed, or could potentially be disclosed, I will immediately notify Speechpad.
  • If I become unable to meet my obligations under this agreement, I will immediately notify Speechpad.

Furthermore, I understand that:

  • Speechpad tracks who transcribes each file and keeps an audit history of each job’s workflow.
  • It is my sole responsibility to protect Confidential Material in my possession.
  • Any violation of this agreement will result in immediate termination of my account.
  • I can be held legally liable for any breach of this agreement. If I disclose Confidential Material, I will be responsible for any harm to individuals, organizations, or companies resulting from such disclosure, which may lead to legal action being taken against me.