Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

How do I become a transcriber?
What skills do I need to be a transcriber?
Do I need special equipment or software?
Is there a minimum number of hours I have to work?
Do I have to pay to sign up or to take tests?
What should I do if I suspect a scam?
Why can’t I apply or access all jobs based on where I live?

Finding Work

What types of jobs are available?
Why can’t I find any jobs that I’m qualified for?
Do you have jobs for foreign language transcribers?


How can I get qualified to do transcription jobs?
How can I get qualified to do rush jobs?
How can I get qualified to do captioning jobs?
How can I get qualified to do review jobs?
How can I get qualified to do translation jobs?

Your Rating

What is my rating used for?
How is my rating calculated?
How do I improve my rating?

Working on Jobs

How do I download the audio/video?
How do I view the style guide and directions?
How do I submit my work?
How do I upload my document?
What happens when my time runs out?
Can I get an extension of time to finish a job?
I was working on a job and my power went out! Where is my work?
Should I save my work on an external word processor?
Help! My time is running out and I’m almost done!
When will my files be reviewed?
How do I preview the audio?
How do I increase the size of the text on the console?
How do I return a file?
The video won’t play
I click “play” on the video and it seems to buffer forever
All of the tabs are grayed out and I can’t seem to do anything

Getting Paid

How will I be paid?
When do I get paid?
How do I get paid?

Getting Help

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