Closed Captioning Services Made Easy

Closed captioning has become a regular and necessary part of sharing and creating videos. In fact, given the proliferation of video use in entertainment, education, and even the job market, closed captioning has become a hallmark of professionalism and reputability in video publishing. And that’s why we’ve made video captioning more accessible than ever for our customers: our goal is to help you become more polished, more professional-looking, and ultimately more successful.

Our closed captioning services involve accurate, human-generated transcription from video to text, and even audio to text files that you can then insert into your video later along with the text (in instances of V.O.s, cartoons, and other overlaid video packages), that provide your viewers with the option of leaving the captions, or removing them when unnecessary.

The Industry Standard

Given recent legislative changes, you may have noticed that the “CC” button now comes standard on television remotes and most YouTube videos. What this essentially means is that video captioning is now a standard in today’s video world, and when people go to find the CC button on your video, it won’t just be an inconvenience—it will hurt your brand or product’s reputation because you won’t look as professional as companies and organizations who have provided closed captions.

Luckily, with our video captioning services, you’ll have no problem keeping up with even the biggest companies, and be looking like a top-notch outfit—complete with dynamic videos that have accurate, well-formatting closed captions. With major video-service clients like Netflix on our list, it’s safe to say we’re a cut above the rest!

So, besides looking good, what are the real benefits of closed captioning services? Here are just a few examples of the different ways that being equipped with that “CC” button comes in handy:

Hearing Impaired Viewers

Obviously, right off the bat you’ve got your hearing impaired viewers, who are just as entitled to the entertainment and information that your video provides as anyone else—so why let them miss out? Whether it’s the safety instructions on an inflight guide, an engaging presentation, or videos with only voice overs that can’t be lip-read, you want to make sure that nobody feels left out of quality video watching!

Non-native English Speakers

Want to really impress a foreign client? Try having your video captioned in Spanish, or help them better understand what the video is saying with bold, easy-to-read captions. Captioning services provide an easier way to understand English, and can help fill in the blanks for those who are slower to understand everything in your video. That way everyone is moving at the same pace—and better yet, you’re helping someone improve their language skills!

Special guests and viewers can often be unexpected, so it’s always good to be prepared with a backup plan when someone who doesn’t speak the language wants to get involved.

Audio Malfunction

Speaking of backup plans, when it all comes down to a critical video, or there’s important information getting displayed, it’s very stressful to solely rely on audio equipment to deliver those messages: so instead, why not trust the best of all the captioning companies with creating closed captions that make it easy to understand no matter what the audio capabilities are!

At Speechpad, we pride ourselves in offering quick, dependable transcription, so that whether a video is playing at a crowded public area, or the audio malfunctions are the most inconvenient time, you’re prepared with a backup plan.

Dependable. Professional. Affordable.

We’ve all witnessed closed captioning services that have silly typos, and are clearly computer generated, and it always looks unprofessional. That’s why we’ve created a human-generated transcription service for closed captions that look, and read, great! You can even opt for custom formatting, millisecond syncing, and expedited fulfillment.

Need it in a day? Two? Our standard turnaround time is just a week, but whether it’s a last minute need or a long-term project, we have over 5,000 trusted transcribers who work around the clock to get your order done when you need it.