Pricing Pledge

Dear Clients, thank you for choosing Speechpad.

As shared, at the very core of Speechpad is a commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, accuracy, and fairness to all we work with. We provide upfront pricing, full transparency, and have zero gotcha’s. This carries through from our interactions with our clients, to the interactions with our workers. We provide a great service, for a great price, and pay our workers a fair wage while providing flexible, at-home work.

We do not charge project minimums, we do not inflate our fees for extra speakers, and we provide a 100% customer satisfaction, money-back guarantee. We occasionally adjust our fees up to ensure good pay to our workers, and adjust down as we did in Nov 2021 to help our clients. We are currently charging less than at any other time in our history!

We thank you for your continued business, and kindly refer a friend who could use our services. We’ll deliver!!!

Speechpad Has the Best Pricing in the Industry

Price for 24hr Turnaround Verbatim + Timestamping 24/7 Support Accuracy Satisfaction Guarantee 100% money back
Speechpad $1.20 $0.55 Y 99% Y $1.50 $0.80 N 98% N
TranscribeMe $2.00 $0.75 N 98% N
Verbalink/Ubiqus $2.50 $0.75 N 98% N
TranscriptDivas $2.79 $0.80 N 98% N
Waywithwords $3.15 $1.80 N 98% N
Gotranscript $1.55 $0.55 Y 98% N

Many of our competitors charge for more than 2 speakers, have tiered pricing for timestamps, or reserve the right to bill you for ancillary charges without asking. You won’t find out until you checkout or get your bill!

We are transparent, upfront, and simple!

Only $1.30/min
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