Foreign Languages

Speechpad offers several services for foreign language audio and video content, including:

  • Foreign Language Transcription
  • Foreign Language Captions
  • Audio Translation

Each of these services is described in more detail below. The most common languages requested are: Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian, German, Italian, Dutch, and Hindi. We are able to provide standard pricing for those languages (see Pricing table below). If your audio is in a language not listed above, please contact us.

Foreign Language Transcription

Speechpad’s Foreign Language Transcription Service provides you with a written transcript of the audio in the language it was spoken. For example, if you upload an audio file of a person speaking Spanish, you will receive a transcript written in Spanish only. Foreign language transcripts are delivered as Microsoft Word or Rich Text Format (RTF) documents.

Language Transcription
Dutch $3.00/minute
Filipino/Tagalog $1.50/minute
French $3.00/minute
German $3.00/minute
Hindi $3.00/minute
Italian $3.00/minute
Portuguese $2.00/minute
Russian $3.00/minute
Spanish $1.50/minute
Welsh $3.00/minute

Foreign Language Captions

Speechpad’s Foreign Language Captions Service provides you with Standard Captions in the source language spoken in the video. You’ll be able to download the captions in any standard format, including SRT, WebVTT, and TTML, among others. You’ll also receive a transcript in Microsoft Word or RTF format.

Language Standard Captions
Dutch $3.50/minute
Filipino/Tagalog $2.00/minute
French $3.50/minute
German $3.50/minute
Hindi $3.50/minute
Italian $3.50/minute
Portuguese $2.50/minute
Russian $3.50/minute
Spanish $2.00/minute
Welsh $3.50/minute

Audio Translation

Need your foreign language audio translated to English? We offer that as well. One of our highly specialized dual-language workers will interpret your foreign language audio into English. You’ll receive a transcript of the audio, translated into English. This service option does not include a transcript in the language spoken. If you need that as well, you will need to order it separately (see Foreign Language Transcription above).

Language Translation
Dutch $9.00/minute
Filipino/Tagalog $4.50/minute
French $9.00/minute
German $9.00/minute
Hindi $9.00/minute
Italian $9.00/minute
Portuguese $9.00/minute
Russian $9.00/minute
Spanish $4.50/minute
Welsh $9.00/minute

Top Quality

We hire expert transcribers who are native speakers in the language they transcribe. Accent and diacritical marks, special characters, and foreign language punctuation marks are included as necessary. Before being delivered to you, the transcripts and captions are edited for quality assurance by specially qualified reviewers who are native speakers in the language of the document under review. This last step is designed to ensure 99% accuracy or better. Our Satisfaction Guarantee applies for all foreign language services. If you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll refund your money.

Competitive Prices

The rates for common languages are shown above. All rates are for one week turnaround time. Prices are per audio minute. If you need a different language or turnaround time, please contact us for a quote.

How to Order

Upload your file, and then contact us to let us know what language the audio is in, and what service you need (transcription, captions, translation). We’ll provide a quote, and if you wish to proceed, we’ll assist you with placing the order.