Video SEO Services

We believe that great videos were made to be seen. On the Internet today, literally billions of videos are hosted and streamed on a daily basis; and the reality is, many of them are not great — they’re not even good! How many ridiculous, cheesy, or just plain boring videos have you seen in prominent positions on search engines like Google, or YouTube, the world’s second-largest search engine?

You and your company may have the skills to produce quality video content, but successfully marketing that content online is a whole other matter that they didn’t teach in multimedia school. Like many other products, services and content, the best doesn’t always win — it’s who has the best marketing that wins. In the online world, the power of video SEO marketing that can be a powerful means of getting eyeballs on your videos, visits to your website, and potentially new business through the door.

Any research into video SEO services or techniques will quickly tell you that search engines are unable to accurately recognize the content within a video — of course, how can website crawler watch and understand what is happening in a video? A critical element to video SEO marketing is the ability to transcribe that video content into words that can be crawled and recognized by search engine crawlers. Therefore at Speechpad, we are in a unique position to provide this critical element — with reliable accuracy, and at incredibly affordable rates.

We already work with many video SEO companies as the engine room that provides literally thousands of transcriptions per month. Whether you need just one video transcribed or large volumes, we have the capacity to handle the work with smooth efficiency and reliable accuracy.

But wait — there’s more! Video SEO services typically require more than just transcriptions of the content to be successful. Fortunately, our unique position as a leading transcription service — including being the transcription company of choice of the internet’s leading SEO resource, — has allowed us to forge key relationships that empower us with the ability to offer the full suite of video SEO services.

What does our team know about SEO? A simple Google search for “video transcriptions”, and many other similar phrases, can answer that question for you. Or better yet, peruse our blog that’s chock full of video SEO tips and how-tos.

Transcriptions for Video SEO Companies

If you represent a video SEO company, the chances are that you’ve already heard of Speechpad, and if you haven’t, you probably should! We are the company trusted to provide the transcriptions for’s Whiteboard Friday videos, watched by tens of thousands of marketers around the world on a weekly basis. If you are looking for a reliable service to transcribe video content on a regular basis, we are confident that you will find our online dashboard extremely easy to use, and our rates the lowest you will find for such a trusted and reliable service.

It all starts with one video — try the service today, you can be up and running in 60 seconds or less. Before you know it, you may just wonder how you ever got by without Speechpad.