Leadership Team

Konstantin Othmer


Konstantin has been involved in software and technology companies for many years. He has long been interested in the human-to-machine interface, and how the best of both worlds can be leveraged to provide a great solution for customers. Konstantin’s drive and passion ensure that Speechpad leads the industry in quality, and delivers transcripts and captions at a great price. The latest in machine technologies and a proprietary crowd-based platform allow workers of all capabilities to advance and contribute to Speechpad’s success.

Michael Ruf


Mike has been a software entrepreneur since age 14, when he developed tailored solutions for corporate clientele on early microprocessor architecture. During those formative years, he was keenly focused on two things: building solid software and keeping customers happy. Those pursuits remain unchanged at Speechpad, where Mike has executive responsibility for engineering, user experience, and operations. These teams are building advanced technology platforms that provide the best customer experience possible and enable transcribers to deliver a top-quality product. They will stop at nothing less than complete customer satisfaction. That’s why Mike would love to hear your feedback, even if you haven’t become a customer yet.

Linda Khachooni


Linda brings 30 years’ experience working with early-stage growth companies and being a part of executive staff responsible for finance, legal, operations, negotiations, fundraising and organizational processes. She was integral in the M&A activities that sold companies to AT&T, eBay, Lucent, HP and Excite. At Speechpad, Linda has responsibility for finance and human resources.

Brian Reeve

Director of Engineering

Brian brings an interest in building technologies and communities to streamline business processes. He champions a culture—among his teams and throughout the company—where human intuition and judgment is coupled with machine accuracy and efficiency. This has become a key component in Speechpad’s success at consistently satisfying a wide array of customer requirements.

Jill Finch

Director of Customer & Worker Support

Fortified by years of experience in transcription, office administration and personnel management, Jill runs the daily operations. She is responsible for ensuring a happy customer base and worker community. Jill manages a large, fluid workforce that scales on-demand to meet customer needs. Her commitment to quality sets the bar for rest of her team, which measures its success by one key metric: customer satisfaction. Jill welcomes and appreciates feedback from both customers and workers.