Get The Most Out Of Your Transcriptions

By: Daniela Reeve

If you’re reading this, you are currently considering having your content transcribed. You may even be a current customer. Or maybe you just really enjoy reading our blog regardless of what I write (thanks loyal fans, we love you all).

No matter where you are in the transcription process, you can always benefit from some super simple, yet very effective tips to ensure your transcript will be awesome. Let’s do this.

1. Consider How Many Speakers Are Featured In Your Audio/Video

If at all possible, try to limit the number of speakers included in your content. While we completely understand that sometimes it simply isn’t possible to have just a few people on a recording, we also ask that you only include essential voices.

Why? Once there are 7, 8, etc voices in one clip, it can become more difficult to transcribe. Consider a previous post of ours, regarding the number of speakers and turnaround time (TAT). Simply put, fewer speakers can mean cleaner, faster transcriptions.

Now, please don’t think we’re telling you to keep your employees quiet during a meeting or hush a follower during a Q&A session, but if you can eliminate background noise or unnecessary chatter, your transcript will show it.

2. Audio Quality

These tips are so simple that they’re self-explanatory and only require lovely bullet points –

  • Don’t be too far away.
  • Don’t be too close. Easy guys – don’t eat the microphone, but don’t have it across the room.
  • Keep a glass of water nearby and clear your throat before you begin.
  • Speak slowly and calmly. If you notice you’re speaking super fast or rambling, stop the recording if you can, and start over.
  • Record in a quiet area. Please don’t record in the middle of Grand Central Station, if you can avoid it.

3. Use a Recording Service

Speechpad’s super simple Record-A-Call feature will save you loads of time and effort. So easy. You’re welcome.

4. Know What You Want

A few simple preferences can change your entire transcript. Before you submit your files, take a few minutes to consider what is important to you. As always, we will do our very best to accommodate your needs to take your transcript from pretty good to outstanding.

Consider the following:

  • Do you prefer/need verbatim transcription or clean copy?
  • What kind of formatting do you need? Do you have a specific template in mind?
  • What kind of TAT are you looking for?
  • Do you need timestamps? If so, how frequently?
  • What will you ultimately use your transcript for? SEO purposes, marketing, research, re-purposing content…?
  • What kind of spelling do you need? E.g.: UK, Aussie or US English.

5. Know Your Transcriber

We’re not talking favorite ice cream flavor and favorite memory from grade school. We’re suggesting that you know who (not what) will be transcribing your file. Simply put, is a professional company with an experienced team being trusted with your content? Team members at Speechpad must complete several rounds of testing before they can begin working on the simplest of files.

From there, they may earn further qualifications based on successful files completed, hours worked, and skill level. We are constantly providing our team with the highest levels of technology and knowledge available to ensure that you are always getting our best.


  1. Consider the number of speakers and limit any extra speakers and chatter when possible.
  2. Record in a quiet area with the microphone in an appropriate place (not too far/not too close).
  3. Use our Record-A-Call feature.
  4. Know what kind of extras you want or need (format, TAT, timestamps, etc.)
  5. Make sure a skilled human team is working on your transcript for the best output.
  6. If all else fails, check out our FAQ section for even more stellar knowledge.

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