The Benefits of Transcribing Your Market Research

By: Daniela Reeve

Market research exists to get the opinions of the people. To get solid, informative opinions, most market researchers try to collect as much information as possible. What’s the most efficient way to maximize and deliver your results while using your time most effectively? Transcription!

How Can Transcription Benefit Market Research?

Having the research audio transcribed allows for quoting much more easily. Focus groups, in general, concentrate much more heavily on detail rather than your average survey based market research so you’ll want to go for verbatim transcription. This way, you can ensure that no one is skipping a beat. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a quote from your focus group on the next new tube of toothpaste you throw into your grocery cart.

market research survey
Just like waiting for the DJ to stop talking so you can press ‘record’ when Montell Jordan comes on The Top 8 at 8.

To make sense of your findings for your own review or to present the results of your research, transcription can help facilitate your understanding by displaying the material in one easy to search document. No longer will you be stuck at your desk in a continuous cycle of “pause, play, write. Pause, play, write.” It’s much easier to do a search within a written document to find exactly what you’re looking for rather than trying to find it within audio.

If you’re having an associate conduct your interviews or focus groups, recording and transcribing the research gives you the opportunity to focus on what is being said. This way, you can ensure that information is being collected properly and genuinely. You can rest assured that your time, the consumer’s time and, perhaps your customer’s time, will not be wasted by keeping tabs of the goings on.

Just like belting out the wrong lyrics to your favorite song in the car with all of your friends, miscontruing someone’s thoughts and opinions from an interview can have an equally devastating effect. With transcription, you are able to easily go back and read over what was said at your leisure to review context and further process responses. This way you aren’t left guessing what was said and formulating your thoughts in regards to something that you’re thinking is correct, but is actually out in left field.

Most importantly, you don’t want to lose the hard work you’ve dedicated yourself to and you don’t want to disappoint those that need the information that you’ve collected. Simple transcription can make an impact on your market research that you wouldn’t have otherwise.

Download this super simple infographic to keep handy –

market research survey