YouTube Video Transcription

By: Speechpad Team

Video Sharing – YouTube is still on top is the second most visited site worldwide according to Alexa. It has grown to be the most sought-after video sharing site for people, both young and old. Even businesses are using YouTube to market online.

Have you ever watched a video that looks clear but sounds bad? It feels so frustrating, right? Good thing that YouTube offers automatic captions of the video but then, these captions are not always the ones that we would like to see. Why? It’s for the simple reason that though it is brilliant to include Google’s automatic speech recognition technology in YouTube videos, they are not 100% accurate.
If you’re looking to market on the web using YouTube, it’s very important that people understand the message that you want to convey. This is not only achieved by having nice colors, sound, style, or actors in your video, but also making the viewers and potential customers understand it more through YouTube video transcription. You can do this by hiring a transcriber or transcription service.

YouTube Video Transcription for Entrepreneurs

As a busy entrepreneur, you may not have the time to do transcription yourself. Even your staff may be busy on their own tasks. That is why it’s important to entrust this job to the experts at Speechpad with a team of experienced and highly efficient transcribers. They are the people that you can turn to if you are aiming for 100% accurate captions for your videos.

Have you ever sang along to a fun song in the car? You know when you get to that part where you don’t exactly know the lyrics so you mumble what may or may not be the words until you can belt out the part you know well? By listening to the song over and over you might get the lyrics down pat or maybe by looking at the CD booklet you’ll find the lyrics for clarification. This might be what your potential customers are going through but they won’t have the opportunity to listen to or watch your video over and over again so they’ll abandon it without getting the information you worked so hard to convey. So now your time and their time has been wasted – and who has the extra time to waste these days?

Benefits of Hiring YouTube Video Transcription Experts

Hiring Speechpad’s YouTube video transcription experts offers various benefits including the following:

  • Highly-accurate transcripts

Transcribers are expected to deliver quality work which includes, most importantly, transcribing your video/audio accurately. You don’t have to worry about certain lines left out from the transcript or words spelled wrong. Whatever you will hear from the video is what you will read from the transcript.

  • Fast turnaround time

Some transcribers fail to deliver the transcripts on the agreed date, but Speechpad’s people don’t. Professional transcribers don’t let clients wait forever for the output to arrive.

  • Editors to input captions to videos

At Speechpad, YouTube video transcription doesn’t just include typing transcripts of your video – it also includes inputting captions to it. This is a huge benefit since you don’t have to hire another person to do this, and you don’t have to pay more. It’s a big plus if your transcriber accurately transcribes and expertly inputs video captions as well.

  • Highly-reliable

Keeping the confidentiality of audio/video transcribed sealed is the Golden Rule in transcription. Transcribers are highly aware of this and you don’t have to worry about vital information being leaked out. Truly reliable and professional transcribers are very careful about everything that clients entrust to them.

Isn’t it great to not only watch a video but completely grasp its message as well? Captioning makes every marketing video, as well as regular videos, clearer and more engaging. Transcription is definitely beneficial for marketers and video enthusiasts alike. Try Speechpad’s YouTube video transcription expertise and see for yourself.