Phone-in-a-Note: the free voice recording app

By: April Baity

The Convenience of Phone-in-a-Note, the free voice recording app: How legal, medical, and business professionals use Phone-in-a-Note to accurately transcribe personal notes, detailing their client and patient discussions.

High-paced jobs can often require jumping from event to event, and processing tons of information on the go. When pressed for time, we end up writing down notes that can be misplaced. Who isn’t guilty of ever making that “mental note” to make the “real note” at the end of the day, hoping we’ll remember the details? For most industries, misinformation causes frustration, could result in lost business, or important details missed regarding a patient. In high-stakes fields, the impact could be even greater.

free voice recording app

Speechpad Phone-in-a-Note is a free voice recording app that enables users to call into Speechpad from their phones and immediately create an audio recording. Whether it be dictating notes from a meeting or a client/patient interaction, Phone-in-a-Note can be used directly from your mobile device or from your hands-free car. You can dictate any personal note, recording details from a phone conversation, meeting, or any other valuable interaction. The saved recording will become available for listening at your convenience.

Speechpad customers can then take one more step and receive their complete audio recording in text. Our professional transcription services can be ordered with a simple push of a button. Users can store their un-transcribed recordings free of charge and can order transcripts at any time. This gives Speechpad Phone-in-a-Note users the ability to store, manage, and organize their audios and transcripts, allowing them to easily access and review the information as needed.

With Speechpad Phone-in-a-Note, you can save time and money by accurately recording their notes, providing documentation to their clients if needed, and reducing the chance of losing any critical details.