Professional Transcription: Community and Education

By: Speechpad Team

School board meetings, town halls, and county hearings are usually conducted by admin or office workers whose primary job is not professional transcription services. This can result in month-long delays in completion as well as inaccurate transcripts. By using a low-cost, highly-accurate, professional service, your organization delivers the best written record in a timely manner. This instills confidence and credence to everyone in the community.

Professional, high-quality transcription is essential for school board and township meetings to ensure accuracy of proceedings and to provide a reliable record for all participants. Professional transcribers are experienced with complex topics, jargon, and performing adequate research to be able to provide a comprehensive transcript that captures all of the important details of the meeting in a reliable and repeatable format. Professional transcription can also help ensure that any legal issues that arise at the meeting are accurately recorded and can be keyword searched and referred to later if necessary without having to re-watch a complete recording of the meeting.

The Value of the Professional Transcription

Transcription provides a written record of the meeting that can be used for future reference in order to validate decisions made and protect the board, officers, and elected officials. This written record can be distributed to non-attendee citizens, which helps reduce the burden on office staff to repeat information and also eliminates misinterpretations and rumors.

Many school boards and townships rely on to take notes and transcribe meetings. However, this is often not ideal as school staff are not trained in transcription and may not have the necessary time, resources, or experience to provide a comprehensive, high-quality transcription. School staff are often stressed out even before a transcript request comes across their table. This could introduce significant delays in the final transcript, as it may not be completed for weeks or sometimes even months after the meeting. Professional transcription services can provide a quick, reliable, and highly-accurate transcripts in a timely manner, ensuring that all of the important issues discussed at the meeting are recorded while the topics are still fresh and relevant.