Transcription of all the Things!

By: Jill Finch

Transcription and caption opportunities are everywhere. New content is being cranked out for YouTube, podcast platforms, and social media at an increasing rate. The possibilities for audio transcription are endless! However, an awesome use case we have been enjoying lately is historical preservation of physical media from decades past.

Transcription, historical,

Current technology allows capturing the essence of deteriorating cassette tapes, film, photographs, and paper records before they are lost for good.

Speechpad often collaborates on transcribing the aural and written language within digitized recordings and scans. We add to the value of historical preservation by providing high accuracy transcripts.

Restorations of damaged, incomplete, or otherwise distorted source material is often not suitable for direct consumption. Our proprietary workflow and highly skilled transcription team will capture detail missed by automated solutions. This is an important role in preserving media for generations to come.

Historical preservation

Capturing this level of details at such a high quality, we can guarantee content and nuance is preserved even if the original medium can’t be. This has been the goal of the Tyringham Historical Commission. “We are all in the midst of saving the past before the cassette tapes deteriorate completely, as well as capturing the past generation’s stories before they move on as well.”

Speech to text software automation might seem like a quick and dirty way to get your transcripts cranked out in no time, but they aren’t very good with poor audio, nor specific names, places, and terms.

While AI transcription is an option for a quick turnaround, our transcription team can divide and conquer to deliver a higher quality within your desired turnaround.

Our team of real people uses state-of-the-art processes, researches terms and proper nouns, and any reference material you supply. We use any provided contextual information such as names, places, participants, and terminology to drastically improve the quality of transcripts of historical media.

In doing our part in historical preservation, we have found ourselves developing a personal connection with our past and those striving to protect it for generations to come. It only seems fitting that history is immortalized by the hands of real people.

We can’t wait to see what’s next to transcribe!