A text document that contains a transcript of everything that is spoken in an audio or video file.

  • Prices start at $1.00 per minute
  • 24 Hour or better turnaround available
  • 99% Accuracy and all work is guaranteed
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Standard Captions

Standard Captioning service provides time-synchronized Closed Captions for spoken dialogue that can be toggled on/off by the viewer.

  • Prices start at $1.50 per minute
  • 48 Hour or better turnaround available
  • 99% Accuracy and all work is guaranteed
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Premium Captions

Specialized captions for films, TV shows, and documentaries designed to convey everything that you’d hear in a video: dialogue, music, sound effects, etc.

  • Prices start at $4.00 per minute
  • One Week or better turnaround available
  • 99% Accuracy and all work is guaranteed
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What our customers have to say...

As soon as I got serious about SEO, and social marketing I knew I needed both captions to capture interest on social, and transcriptions to catch Google’s eye. I looked at a few options and tried Speechpad once, it was such a high-quality transcription (they removed a lot of ‘ums’ and ‘ahs’ that automatic software would’ve left). And the whole process was just easy, I quickly built them into our process and have not looked back.

Timmy Brown, Entrepreneur and Marketing Manager at iRefi Mortgages
iRefi Mortgages

I would be absolutely LOST without Speechpad’s transcription services. They make my job as an independent writer so much easier. Sometimes I have to work with poor quality or very large audio files. Each time this happens, they reach out, exceed my expectations, and they CARE. All professional services should be delivered with the same level of proficiency and compassion.

Kelly Barner Owner, Managing Director
Buyers Meeting Point, LLC

Speechpad is an indispensable service that augments the information I am given on new technology solutions and helps me turn the recordings of briefings by the companies concerned into high quality reviews of the technology. Without it I would waste hours of my time.

Martin Gandar, Associate Senior Analyst

We love working with Speechpad! The final output is great and the turnaround time is incredible. You all are a great partner for us!

Lauren Dragona-Breen, Head of Production
Coca-Cola Studios

In more than 20 years of research and writing, I’ve haven’t come across any professional service — not one — that delivered better, more reliable value per dollar, nor better customer service, than Speechpad. Since the first time I tried it, I haven’t used any other transcription service, and I don’t plan to.

Tony Proscio, Associate Director for Research
Duke Sanford Center for Strategic Philanthropy & Civil Society

Speechpad came highly recommended by our SEO agency to assist us in
transcribing video content for our multichannel inventory management
company. We couldn’t agree more! We have been amazed at the
accuracy of the video transcriptions with technical barcoding and
stock control terms, coupled with the quick turnaround and affordable
prices. We highly recommend their services, and we are certain they
will not disappoint.

Chinh Nguyen, Co-founder
Finale Inventory

Speechpad is the one service I simply could not operate without. They always beat the deadline and never disappoint.

Andrew Bone, CEO
Stop Loss, Inc.

We have been using Speechpad since 2016 and it has been a strong part of our content strategy to enhance video content.  The turnaround time is quick, the quality is high and the fees are cost-efficient. Highly recommended and the best transcription service we’ve ever used.

Mark Kennedy, Owner
SEOM Interactive

We’re always extremely impressed with the fast turn around and accuracy that we get with your transcription services. Your team is friendly, willing to accommodate our needs, and dependable. These are traits that are often difficult to find in any partnership, and I’m glad we’ve had the opportunity to grow our relationship with you!

Chad Vossen, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer
522 Productions, LLC

Easy to use UI, super quick response time if issues arise, fast turnaround, and high accuracy (even when transcribing unusual brand/product names).

Thank you!

Daniel Hurd
Prima Supply

Our corporate customers include...

Regional AAA insurance providers rely on Speechpad fulfil a critical business need: timely and accurate verbatim transcriptions of file interviews, recorded statements, and summary reports.

Speechpad provides transcripts of live lectures and Standard Captions for NYU’s online courses published on Coursera. Coursera requires specific caption formats, which Speechpad supports out of the box. requires burned-in captions on videos delivered to some platforms, and shown on-demand elsewhere. All made possible through Brightcove integration and our Premium Captions.

Speechpad’s Premium Captions implement SMTE, ADA, and SDH standards, and are customized to satisfy Amazon Instant Video’s custom timing and on-screen word frequency requirements.

The LinkedIn sales team uses Speechpad to transcribe sales and marketing webinars, maximizing the value of these live events by giving viewers the option to read the transcript after the fact.

L’Oréal uses Speechpad to transcribe business seminars, conferences, and interviews. The transcripts allow them to easily disseminate important information to a broader internal audience.

For accessibility compliance, Netflix needed SDH Captions for thousands of videos. Speechpad provided Premium Captions for series such as Heroes, Beakman’s World, Peep Show, and various BBC documentaries.

Speechpad provides Standard Captions for Upworthy’s social media videos, enhancing the discoverability, accessibility, and reach of their content.

Captions provided by Speechpad improve the accessibility of Yahoo’s online content, including Saturday Night Live and more.

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Standard Captions Case Study Baeble Music


In order to appeal to a broader audience and make their content more discoverable to search engines, Baeble Music wanted to provide accurate and timely captions for intimate interviews with up-and-coming artists and bands. The captions would be accessible from videos on their YouTube channel and their website.


Baeble decided to outsource the captioning so that employees could stay focused on what they do best. The company needed a mature provider that could consistently produce high quality captions in WebVTT format, with minimal overhead and reliable turnaround time. After evaluating multiple captioning service providers, they chose Speechpad, mainly due to a recommendation from another one of our clients.


Speechpad’s solution makes it easy to upload videos and order captions. With 98% or better accuracy and consistently fast turnaround times, Baeble never has to worry about getting timely and accurate captions.

“Speechpad has been a good partner in our workflow, delivering consistently high quality and reliable services that enhance the overall quality and accessibility of our videos across our platform and many others that we service.”

David Moffly, CEO
Baeble Music

Speechpad provides services for captioning video, including subtitles and closed captions.

Transcription services cover a wide range of industries and use-cases, including video transcription services, SEO, insurance. We convert almost any form of audio to text, such as voice to text, speech to text, and MP3 to text.

Check out our samples to give you an idea of the different types of jobs we handle on a regular basis.