5 Ways Transcription Can Help You Win Your Legal Case

By: Speechpad Content Team

A transcription is a neat little document that a specialist takes time to type up and make legible for legal purposes. This sort of document can be extremely helpful in a court case whether it’s a criminal case or a personal injury case or something different. The following are five ways that it can help you win your legal case:

It Provides Solid Evidence

The main reason that it’s a good idea to transcribe legal case information is that it presents solid evidential documentation. It’s hard to argue when someone has a written word that came from a legitimate audio source. The transcript tells a story about everything that went on in the incident right there neatly typed on paper for the attorneys, the judges and everyone else to see. Just having that information handy can speed up the case immensely.

It Can Help With Cross Examinations

A dependable transcription can give an attorney what he needs to cross-examine the other party. This can be extremely helpful in an automobile accident case or some other type of case where the offender may try to escape responsibility.

It Eliminates Emotion

A scripted document takes emotion out of the situation, which is extremely helpful when it comes to court cases. The transcript only presents facts. It does not try to play off of other people’s sympathy, and it can’t try to manipulate anyone. It just tells the story exactly how it is. Recordings of depositions can help prove the facts of the case, and they’ll give you something that can’t be affected by emotions.

It Captures Witness Statements

A transcription will have all of your witnesses’ statements on it just in case they do not show up for some reason. You’ll be able to pull their statements and then use them to make your point. The script could be paramount to the success of your case because it can speak even when your witnesses may not want to.

It Proves Police Competency

Finally, the transcription can prove that the police followed protocol when they interviewed people about the incident. Some people try to have cases dismissed based on protocol errors. The transcript will show every word the police said when they interview people involved in the case, including notifying people of their right to legal counsel.

There are many different types of transcription and our account specialists can help you decide which would best fit your case. Having a transcription just makes the entire process a whole lot easier. Including such a document in your proceedings would be wise.


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