What You Aren’t Transcribing (But Should Be)

By: Daniela Reeve

We all know that transcription can be useful for many things; however, I’m willing to bet that there are several things that your business could and should be transcribing, but probably aren’t. Or perhaps, you know of these glorious things but, *gasp*, are choosing not to use transcription. Let’s talk about that.

Your time is valuable so – let’s jump right in:


Raise your hand if you love writing notes (ignore me – I actually really do enjoy that). Raise your hand if you like things that are really easy, save you time and energy and can make big difference in the way your company operates. I’m looking at you CEOs.

Whether your meetings are daily, weekly or monthly, in the conference room down the hall, over the phone, or via Skype, it’s super easy to have them transcribed. Your portion of the process is simple – you can grab one of these babies if you’re feeling nostalgic –

Try not to have flashbacks of the speaking portion of your Spanish final that you didn’t pass with flying colors.

Or, if your meeting is via telephone, you can record your call and let us handle the rest. With transcript in hand, you can revisit important topics with colleagues that were present or update those that couldn’t make it. Additionally, you can use the transcripts for reference when working on a new project, implementing topics discussed, or even to highlight employees strengths when conducting performance reviews.

Earnings Calls

We’ll make things simple and direct you to this lovely post.

Class Notes

Remember when I said I would raise my hand for enjoying note talking? My freshman year history class in college was my favorite for two reasons: I’m a history nerd, and because I went through three notebooks in one semester because I took so many notes. Anyway… transcription for class notes can be helpful for both professors and students.

Students – set your phone to record, send us the recording, we transcribe it. Easy. We have great pricing options too, so don’t even worry about it fitting into your budget.

Without the burden of taking notes, you can actively focus and be present. When you’re more focused, you take more in. Better yet, when you study or are doing research, you can do a super simple search within your transcript to find what you need. Stop shuffling papers, we’ve got your back.

When you graduate magna cum laude, you can thank us for the giant part we played in helping you focus, thus, helping your GPA skyrocket.


Take some of that pressure off of your students. Record your lectures, upload it and have Speechpad transcribe it. You can easily post it to your college’s website or have copies available for your students in office or post lecture.

Another awesome use – you can refer to your own lecture to see which teaching styles work best for each particular class. Or you could investigate why so many students seemed to have a difficult time grasping a certain concept. This will allow you more time to work on that beautiful syllabus. Endless possibilities, my friend.

Your Blog

If you’re anything like me, you think of excellent blog ideas when you’re anywhere but somewhere that you can easily jot it down and/or work on them. Consider us kindred spirits if you also have a mind that works 100x faster than your fingers and by the time you’re done jotting down the initial concept of your idea, you’ve forgotten that killer tagline you wanted to use because you couldn’t write it down fast enough.

Luckily most of us have our cell phones on us at all times. Simply record your initial ideas, or even dictate your entire post and have it transcribed. The transcript will already have proper punctuation because we live and breathe proper grammar, so all you have to do is, add images or video, etc and there you have it!

Speechpad can transcribe in multiple formats so a simple cut and paste may be all you need. And who doesn’t love cut and paste?

Writers, bloggers, and journalists can find more great info here.