The Benefits of Transcribing Your Church Sermon

By: Daniela Reeve

For many people, going to church regularly is an important part of life. For those people, and many others, visualizing what is being said during a church service can be more helpful than simply listening. This visualization is among the many benefits of transcribing your church’s sermon. Let’s discover what your parishioners could be missing out on without these transcripts.

Children At Church

Almost all of us have been there. No matter your place of worship or who is delivering the message, children simply do not always have the restraint to sit through a service. You can load up on Goldfish and juice boxes, but there will come a time when Suzy and Sarah are fighting over who gets to use the purple crayon while Billy is driving his Hot Wheels along “the ramp” (your shoulder). Forty five minutes later, people are shuffling out and you have absolutely no idea what just happened. Sound familiar?

To help families with kids (and those seated around them), offering a transcription of the sermon can help them receive your message. Speechpad can deliver your file in nearly any format you choose to allow for easy email attachments. For example, you can record your service on Sunday, send it over to us and have it back within 24 hours if you’d like. Once you have the transcription, you can easily email it to members or slip it in a church bulletin. Simple!

Members That Cannot Attend

At the core of many great institutions, lie it’s elders. There comes a time, whether it be brief or extended, that senior members cannot attend. They then miss out on the teachings during that time. Additionally, members can become sick and miss services. These members deserve to be able to remain a part of the church. A transcript of the sermon can easily be sent to these members so they may read along and feel that connection, without an actual physical presence.

English As a Second Language

As it has been for many, many years, America is a melting pot. For many that use English as a second language, following a written text is much easier than listening. With a transcript, one can follow along at their own speed and re-read at will to further their understanding.

Future Sermons

Having a transcript available will allow you to easily look back through past sermons for your own reference. Searching through a text document is very simple and allows you to ensure you aren’t absentmindedly delivering the same sermon twice in a short span of time. Additionally, you’ll be able to crosscheck past ideas that you’ve expressed and possibly highlight parts that were particularly relevant. This way, you’ll have a better idea of what your parishioners enjoy listening to most, or what may really resonate with others.


After being present during a particularly invigorating sermon, some may want to go home and learn more about what was being spoken about. Perhaps they learned something new, or something particularly interesting that they would like to share with others and therefore grow your church base. Having the sermon written, makes it very easy to go back through and pick out the parts that most strike them. From there, they can ask questions, do some internet research or look up further reading in their Holy book. Or perhaps they just want to save the text to have it with them for reference at any time.

However you look at it, people come to you as a place of acceptance, solace, learning and so on. Having a transcript made of your church’s sermon requires virtually no effort on your part, but could change the lives of your members.

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