The Importance of Accurate Subtitles

By: Jill Finch

When it comes to video production, accurate subtitles and captions are essential. In an era where up to 75% of video content is viewed on a mobile device, subtitles are an important tool in helping to ensure viewers can understand and appreciate the content of a video. Accurate captions help a viewer appreciate content in noisy environments and public places, or where they may not want to bother others in their surroundings with loud audio such as in doctor’s offices, on public transportation, in the library, or even sharing a car ride with others. Statistically 85% of all Facebook videos are watched with “captions on.” By not including captioning with your video, you are automatically reducing your viewership! By providing synchronized text of the spoken audio, caption/subtitles can help to improve the overall viewing experience, the overall impact of the content, and make videos more accessible.

Accurate subtitles are especially important for videos that are made for international or multinational audiences. Many viewers may not understand the spoken language of the video, the local slang and dialect, or even the accents. Providing subtitles gives viewers access to the information without having to concentrate on whether or not they understood the speaking correctly. This can help encourage more people to watch the video and gain an understanding of the subject matter and enjoy the content. Captions can also be a great aid for viewers who are deaf or hard of hearing. By providing a written version of the spoken audio, captions/subtitles can make videos accessible to a wider audience. This can help to make videos more inclusive and ensure that everyone can enjoy them.

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