Recording Tips for High Quality Audio

By: April Baity

Whether in a public meeting, focus group, courtroom, or online, the importance of audio quality greatly affects the speed at which a team of humans can produce an accurate transcript.

High-quality audio and recordings are essential for accurate transcription services. The audio quality not only affects the speed at which the transcript can be completed, but poor quality audio can even impact the cost if extra tools, work, and/or time are required. Large gathering areas can introduce echoes, background noise, and unintended “pickups” in the room. Recorders can even capture unexpected noises like appliances such as HVAC systems and refrigerators. Larger groups of participants also introduce cross and simultaneous speaking and non-speech sounds such as coughing and hiccups – all interferences the transcriber needs to work to weed out. Poor quality audio or recordings that are too quiet, too distant, or contain background noise can make it extremely difficult for a transcriptionist to accurately transcribe a recording.

There are strategies and tools that can be employed to improve the quality of audio and recordings in such settings. Simple, yet specialized equipment can be affordable and capture the nuances and subtleties of each speaker, such as small, personal microphones for each speaker, or multiple well-placed microphones around a larger room or hall.

If most of your recordings happen around a conference table and there’s just no room in the budget for optimal recording equipment, you can still improve the quality of your audio and recordings quite easily. Place a small, but thick rubber mat, or two to three mousepads, under your recording device. This will reduce noise picked up by participants interacting with the table. Ask participants to lean towards the recording device when speaking and this will help transcribers distinguish between important information and background chatter.

In order to ensure the highest quality transcription, it is important to make sure that audio and recordings are clear and at optimal volume, as well as free from any background noise or interference.

By taking any of these steps, it is possible to guarantee that transcription services are of the highest quality and accuracy possible while also delivering it to the client quickly and at the lowest cost.

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